Saturday, June 12, 2010

A restful day at last...

Do you know what we did today? -----Not much, and it sure felt good to do it too. :)

We did shake up (literally--in a jar) a couple batches of pudding that we got from Grandpas' place when we cleaned out the cupboards. We had pistachio, cheesecake, chocolate-chip-topped dessert:

Then, this evening after chores, I had fun trying out a fancy hairstyle on Mother. I tried doing this on myself, but was having troubles with making the rolls, so my mom said I could practice on her. :) It'll take some practice to get all of the bobby pins hidden, I discovered, but it was fun and helpful to do it on someone else...
And now, for the mystery picture I took yesterday:

What are these?

I'll give you a day to think about it, and won't post any comments containing guesses until tomorrow night.
Happy guessing...!


Hannah said...

Yum pudding :) but oh, please DON'T even mention pistachio pudding :0> (is that how you make a gaging smily?) I REALLY like pistachios but oh my, artificially flavored pistachio pudding. . . gross. We have had it once. Don't ask. But it rhymes with Sad Lass. LOL

Oh that is a fancy hair style! I think you did very well on it :) I did bandana waves on my hair last night. My hair is very VERY strait and I always wish it at least had *some* wave to it. This morning I made a braid and I did not even have to put a hair tie at the end because it was so wavy and curly :)

That IS a mystery picture! Wow. Looks like some kind of teeth, but I don't think they are.

You can post this comment as I will write my guess in another :)

~Hannah (the the dairy fest :)

Kimberly said...

I love your mom's hair. That is gorgeous.

Is the mystery picture toothpicks?

Hannah said...

oops! I meant to write AT the dairy fest :P

Okay, mystery picture:

more than likely I am waay off, but could they be cucumber seeds?
I know that's not right but it's a guess!