Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buy one, get one free!

I had a surprise today!

In one of my spare moments, I sat down on the love-seat to relax and watch my fish and snails for a while.

Then, what should I see--but a tiny little snail climbing up the side of the tank wall! The only way we can think of that he got there, is that he came along with the Moss-Back snail somehow (inside his shell?) and just got out today.?!?. Hmmmmm....

"Junior Junior" or "Tiny Tim" or whatever his name is, is smaller than a dime and is oh, so cute!

This evening, we younger Bornemanns played a new game Andrew bought at the thrift store this week, called "Worst Case Scenario". He plans to give it to the Dagleys, as it has lots of survival tips in it that they would really like. But first, we had to go through some of the cards and try to guess the right answers to things such as: "What to do if confronted by a man-eating Tiger"; or "How would you drive in quick-sand?"; and "What is the best way to climb a Palm Coconut tree?"....... It had us laughing and laughing!

We also worked on a little song/skit we plan to do at P.D.s, if we get it down good enough before then.....

It was a good day.

Oh, and do you know why God made you? Well, according to my flip-calendar this evening, it is because:

"God made you so you could share in His creation,
could love and laugh and know Him." ~Ted Griffin

Did you love, laugh, talk to God and enjoy the beautiful things He made today? :)


Hannah said...

I did indeed! It's one of my favorite things to do!

Rachel said...

"Did you love, laugh, talk to God and enjoy the beautiful things He made today?" ... Yes, I certainly did!!! :)

The little snail is so cute! What a nice surprise! :)

The game "Worst Case Scenario" sounds like fun. It also sounds like just the right game to play in Africa! :P

Have a good evening and weekend.
Lots of love

Miss Jen said...

Awww... what a cute snail!

Love~ Jen