Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's in!

Our garden is, that is...

*Warning--long picture post ahead!

Mom, Jacob and I spent all afternoon working on it (plus, Jacob and I worked in the garden yesterday) and it's now such a good feeling to know that's done and we can now sit back and watch things grow. Oh wait, there are always those weeds that need pulling or hoeing too, but that won't be for a few days, hopefully.

And now, for the pictures! The following are from today, until you get a ways down, where it switches to the post I was working on last night with pictures from yesterday. :)

Anyway, here's Jacob tilling:
Watering what's already been planted:
Mother, transplanting peppers (Jalapenos and Sweet Bell) and cabbages:

Some of the tomatoes we planted today (with a bed of cabbages on the left and potatoes on the right side:) Mother learned the trick of planting tomato plants in the middle of tires many years ago, as tomatoes love heat and the black tires help draw and keep the warmth by the plant. Plus, the tires keep the tomatoes off of the ground...
Jacob, putting the extremely handy garden-seeder away for the year! :)
While digging out tomato cages for the tomatoes we ran out of tires for, I also got out my bird bath and put it in the place I'd saved especially for it in my garden: I haven't told you yet about my "Different" garden this year... I've wanted to try this design for several years, but just never have, until this year, when I planted my dream ROUND GARDEN! If you look closely at the bottom, left side of the above picture, you can see the corn and beans coming up around the outside circle of my garden.... Because the space I have my garden in is square, I planted a mix of many flowers in the corners that are around my circle. :) (I hope that makes sense... It's a little confusing, I'm afraid!)
All done:
While we were hard at work, this is what Lady was up to:
She wanted to join us in the garden, but listened to our sincere "No"s and stayed away.
Mother took this picture of me by our big, flowering bush: (Does anyone know what this "Bush" is called?)
Once the garden was done, Mom and I planted some special flowers in the brake-drum pots we have out front:
We planted these interesting purple/blue flowers (of which I can not remember the strange name of currently) in the middle of the pots...

...and then put the smaller, special pink flowers around the sides... Want to guess what these flowers are called?
It says on the label: "Cora Mix", which is why I especially like them. :)
And now for yesterdays pictures!
This, ground up is for...
...these! They are growing so much and, pretty soon, we'll be able to tell which of these are for egg-layin' and which are for eatin'...

Here's our patriotic kitty--with his flag in the air:
This little kitty is one of the more friendly ones who likes to come in the barn when I'm milking and try to crawl in the bucket of milk! Oh, speaking of milking, when I was sitting beside Sally tonight, squirting out the milk in big gushes, I felt her calf frolicking around inside of her! It kept bumping me in the shoulder. :)

This was Dad coming in the yard--done seeding over here--hooray! He and Andrew moved over to the other land we farm today and worked until almost dark.
Our front flower bed--in need of a weeding, but still looking pretty with the different varieties of flowers...

Boys and bikes:

I was so excited the other day to see that the "Old Fashioned White Bleeding Heart" I'd planted 3 years ago has finally begun to bloom!!!

Abundant Zucchini...

The guys fixing a tire in their busy shop... (Does anyone happen to know if it was National Red Shirt day yesterday?)
ONE LAST PICTURE!!! Are you still with me? :)
The grass seed that I planted earlier this spring (to fill in areas that needed help) is coming up nicely now! How exciting new life is--even when it's "Just" grass.

Well now, don't you feel up-to-date again on what's happening at the Bornemann farm?
Spring is so busy, but is so full of beautiful things to enjoy as well. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. And now, I'm going to go enjoy a comfortable bed...


Rachel said...

Thank you, Cora for sharing all these lovely photos!! (By the way, you could never post too any!) :)

I can't wait to see how your round garden developes!

Have a wonderful day!
God bless you and your family.
Love, Rachel

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Cora,
Fun! Fun! Fun!
It is looking so lovely around you place! just lovely!
Ok because I like your picture posts so much I am going to say something about every picture ok?
(Even though I am quite tired and I must go to bed.)

That is a interesting way of tilling

This looks very refreshing and I like the old thing in the back by the bush.

Your mother is very beautiful!

That is alot of tires... and a good idea! each tomato has it's own little spot!

We have one of those planters too... I like the view in this picture... it is very green!

I really like you "Different" garden... you will have to post a picture of it when it is up and growing... have you ever read the three books: Root,Shoots,Buckets And Boots.
Sunflower Houses,
Hollyhock days. ??
They are some very nice gardening books and have all sorts of " Different" garden ideas.

the sky is very blue!

I wonder why the dogs always get that freedom!
looks like a nice shady spot.

I don't know what kind that bush is but there are alot of them growing in people's yards in T.C.
It sure is lovely and you are too!

Smiles, I love them, especially on lovely people!
Planting flowers is so much fun especially with our mothers!

that is a neat flower!

that is so cute! a flower that is your namesake! awe!

YUM! if I was a growing chick I would eat that!

they are cute!

awe! that kitty is so cute! we had a cat that color... But He ran away... I don't know why that seems to happen around here, the best cats always run away!

And that one is cute to. I like cats if they are tame and not demanding food all the time.

that is a big tractor! It is so nice and green there! It must be from all that rain you all got!

Yes, that flower bed does look pretty. I like when the flower gardens go "wild". That is how ours are.

those bikes look fun! But I am not sure if I would be able to get my self to go on one. But maybe I could because I have drove a snowmobile. Have I ever told you that I don't drive and I never have drove and I do not know how to ? I don't understand why I just don't. all my siblings know how to and drive around the farm with the truck but I just don't- funny

your "Old Fashioned White Bleeding Heart" is pretty
I like the name too!

that Zucchini picture is neat with the cracks in the ground!

All red shirts!

yep I am still with ya!
I love new life! Green and growing in strength! that is what our farm name means.

Well how is that for a long comment!
I guess I did not have a sister to talk to this evening so I found one in you!
I enjoy having you as a friend and sister!
enjoy that warm bed
Good night
the tomcats are starting a fight outside and it sounds kind of creepy! :)
It is 1:23 am

Abagail said...

Your bush is a Bridal Wreath (Francoa ramosa) Very old fashioned and beatuiful I should have gotten married in May so I could use some, oh well!! Yours must get a lot of sun to be so full of flowers!


Kimberly said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Hannah said...

I did enjoy this post Cora! Although I am afraid I am just as tired as Grace was when she wrote her comment last night :) I don't think I will take the time to wrote everything about every picture but I did look at each one :D
The past 30 hours or so have been busy and enjoyable. Tomorrow is looking like another busy day so I think I should get a-goin'!

I did have a question for you. . .

I know you used to wear a headcovering and it looked to me like you were in all the pictures you posted, unless you were just wearing it to keep your hair back as you worked? I'm just curious :)

Have a wonderful night Cora (I'm hoping the skeeters leave me be! I have enough bites for now. My sister has a pond right by her house which does not help with keeping mosquito population down!)

David said...

I like the chick feed, is it made from grains and lentils grown on your farm?

Rachel said...

Wow! You all have been really busy of late! ;) Glad you can all get so much done around the farm. :) I never heard about putting the tires around the tomatoes like that...brilliant! Will have to remember that. ;)

Love your circular garden Cora, what a creative idea, and I can't wait to see how it will look when it's all big and growing! :)

Your mom's new office looks great too! :) It's so warm and cozy looking! :D Hope she will get lot's of business from that! :)

It was so nice to catch up with how you and your family are doing my dear! :) I'll be keeping up better now. ;)

Love you Lot's!
Blessings, Prayers, and Hugs!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your comment! I too am looking forward to seeing how my garden grows... :)

That truly was the loooooongest comment I've ever received!!! I loved reading it, and am so blessed to have friends like you. :)

Oh--- no, you never told me that you don't drive. I personally was scared to learn when I was 15, but my parents needed help moving farm equipment around as soon as possible, so, being the oldest in our family, I learned. I used to very much dislike driving, but I don't mind it so much anymore. I'm sure you can learn to do it well, whenever you have a desire to do so. :)

I hope the tomcats didn't keep you awake!

Thank you for commenting and telling me the name of our flowery bush! Our "Bridal Wreath" does get a lot of sun and it smells so heavenly right now... Maybe I'll get married this time of year so as to be able to use some of the flowering branches as decorations?

I've been enjoying reading your blog too and seeing all the pictures you load. That painting project sure sounds like a long one... I hope you get just the perfect color on your wall soon. :)

Thank you for your long comment too. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your married sister. (Did I tell you that I received a very nice card/letter in the mail from her the other day? She sounds just as nice as you and Grace!)

To answer your question... Yes we (Mother and I) did used to wear a headcovering all the time. But, the scarf I had on while outside was just meant to keep my hair clean and out of the sun. Thanks for asking though when you were curious. :)

Unfortunately, the grains were all ones we had ordered from Azure Standard in Oregon--except for the wheat, which was from some friends of ours. Hopefully next year we'll have more of our own grains to use for feed though, as this spring we planted corn, wheat, durum, and oats.......

And the other Rachel~
I have some commenting to catch up with on your posts as well! (I also have a letter 2/3 done and waiting to be finished here and sent your way..........) It seems like this time of year is SOOOO busy.

How is your garden coming along this year? I love growing things and experimenting with new ways of doing it. I'll be sure to include pictures of my circle-garden as it grows. Currently, the beans and corn are really shooting up with these nice sunny days. :)

Thank you all for your comments!!! Have a great day.

Rachel said...

Oh, take your time my dear...I know how busy a farm can be (well, from reading books and watching little house on the prairie that is, Lol! Not to mention the Amish farms nearby in Pa. I guess though).

Actually, we are not doing a garden this year. :( Dad didn't really want to do one, as it was a lot of trouble or money to get a tiller and no one had the energy to get out there and do it with just a shovel. :P So, maybe next year. ;) Hopefully by then, dad will have a home business and we can have a really nice one . :)

We do however have one lone but beautiful rose out front, and a huge hydrangea bush that is blooming! :D *sigh* Flowers are so sweet...I love the hydrangea's best though. ;)

Love you sweet friend! :)
Blessings, Hugs, and Prayers! :D
~Rachel P.~