Monday, June 14, 2010

God--our comforter.

I was sad today--to have to miss out on going to a friends' high school graduation party with my family, due to being scheduled to work at the nursing home this afternoon and evening....

However, God sent me a bit of sunshine to brighten my day! One of my favorite little girls that I babysit for (when I help at the Daycare) came into the nursing home this afternoon with an older girl--to see her mommy who works there. When she saw me, I got a great big smile and, as soon as I sat the tray down that I'd been carrying, we shared a big hug too. :) The Lord always provides, doesn't He?

My family had fun at the graduation and my mom got a lot of great pictures, but I'll leave it up to her to post them.

And now, for the answer to my mystery picture: Kimberly guessed right, in saying they were toothpicks, but what I don't think she did know is that these are "Special" toothpicks... They're reusable ones! :) Hmmmm. We'd never seen anything like them before, so I thought it might make a good mystery picture for you all to guess on.

I was happy to see that Andrew got my parents' computer set up so we can import the pictures that have been piling up on Mom's camera card... There are many there I'd like to share sometime, but I'm too tired now and so will bid you good night and leave that all for another time.



Anonymous said...

Those small tender works like the little girl coming to the nursing home (when God knew your heart about not being able to be in two places at once ) are always good to grab onto and Praise Him. He is doing all things for you Cora and will always perfect that which concerns you. He loves you!

Kimberly said...

No, I didn't know that they were reusable toothpicks. I thought they looked different than toothpicks and now I know why. What really made me think they were toothpicks was the little jar they were in.

Kyrie said...

God always provides, even for the little things to make us smile! Thanks for sharing this Cora - I have had many similar experiences :)