Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More recent pictures...

Mother and Andrew went to Bismarck today--Mother for sessions and Andrew to see the chiropractor again. (He's not sure what he did, but his back has been bothering him...)

Andrew had plenty of time to do odd jobs around town while Mom was at her office. One of the things he did was go to KT Animal Supply and pick up the fish I requested... We released these (below) in our stock tank this evening--so hopefully they'll eat all the algae that's growing there, or at least keep it down somewhat. Goldfish were 15 cents each there, so it's at least worth a try!

My South African friend always likes to know about my fish, so I thought I'd post a picture of some of my pets... It's so hard to get a good picture of them, as they're always on the go, but the one below turned out better than most.

I have lost quite a few of my fish while learning about getting a tank going and keeping it clean and all, but recently the fish have been doing well, so I'm hoping the 16 fish I now have will live long and healthy lives! Pictured below (during feeding-time) are my 2 orange Swordtails (male and female); a male Fancy-Tailed Guppy; and my 2 Harlequin Rasboras. I think my ScissorTail Rasobra is also shown toward the left side, but it's hard to see him...

A couple days ago, I dug out one of my prairie dresses to see if it still fit and to decide if I would wear it this year or not. When wearing this dress to a history night years ago, it was winter and I just put a long sleeved turtle-neck on underneath so it would be modest. However, as I'd like to wear it now during the warmer time of the year, I decided to just make a little something to fill in the area that's too low (for my liking) and wear it that way. A little smocking later and I have...

...a cute addition to my dress that will not make it too much warmer to wear. Now I just need to press it and I'll be ready to go to Prairie Days. :)

Jacob and I were home alone most of the day (my dad was hauling grain for a farmer), and we got much done outside. We fixed, filled, and hung bird-feeders; set up bird-baths; wacked off and pulled some weeds; cleaned out the swimming pool we have in for the geese; and did other such useful things. :)

Our biggest project by far though was: improving the looks of the front of our house... For the last few years, the area pictured below has been filled with tiny rocks that the grass and weeds grew over the top of and it was a MESS! We've been talking about doing something with that area for years, but as we also keep talking about adding onto the house on that side, we've just mowed off the mess and lived with it that way, thinking that that area would soon get covered up when we built.

BUT, the addition hasn't happened yet and now we have other ideas and plans, so Jacob and I did some experimenting in landscaping, using some pieces of granite we had sitting around for several years; some dirt from the garden; a flower-tower from my Bornemann grandma; a chair; and some flowers and flower seeds. Here's the end result:

I planted Moss Rose seeds in all the cracks, so hopefully they'll come up nice and will look pretty yet this summer. I wish I'd taken a before picture, but I don't like taking pictures of ugly things, so I didn't. :)

And now, one last picture... This is something that Andrew bought for me today while in town. Got any ideas of what "It" is? I'll fill you in tomorrow...

That was our day....
Until tomorrow evening, I bid you a good night and Godspeed (a phrase meaning "God spede you" or "God prosper you")


Miss Jen said...

Oh... what beautiful fish! :)
And... what a LOVELY dress!!!

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Kyrie said...

I always enjoy hearing about the little 'trivia' tidbits of your life! Thanks for the pictures; I would have liked to see a 'before' one of the front of your house - it is lovely now!


Your friend,


Rachel said...

Oh I really like those photos of the fish, Cora and yes, it's so difficult to take pictures of them! :) I'm sure that now that your tank is settling the fish will do well!
Your "mystery" pic also has to do with the tank, I think...is it a type of snail?

The front of the house looks lovely - your and Jocobs work has paid off! It's so nice when that happens. :)

And I must tell you that the dress looks very pretty!

God bless and lots of love