Friday, July 30, 2010

They made it, safe and sound...

Jacob was thrilled with the airplane ride and Mother endured it pretty well. :) God even gave them a Christian gentleman to sit by and visit with on the flight from Minneapolis to Georgia! I'm sure they are going to have a WONDERFUL time down there.... They already went to see one of the waterfalls that is nearby the cabin they're staying in.

As for us here at home....

Dad and Andrew worked outside all day and then had to go to town for parts for one of the trucks. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house thoroughly and made enough food to last us for a couple days. I had to run out and milk the goats before finishing with the supper, as I needed some milk for the cheese potatoes. :) We enjoyed our supper and then watched a movie. We talked to the travelers a couple times somewhere in there and wished them a goodnight. We just finished with family prayer time, which did not last as long as usual.... It's strange to just have 3 of us here, but I'm sure the other 2 will have a marvelous time and will take pictures to, later, broaden our horizons.

While sweeping the floor this afternoon, I heard this song on the radio and wanted to share it with you all here, as it's so beautiful. May it be a blessing to you too:

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