Monday, July 12, 2010

Yes, indeed!

Thanks so much to those of you who commented! Several of you know me pretty well to guess that I bought Grandma's Wurlitzer piano. :)

...And yes indeed, I did buy it (for $410-- + tax.) :)

Now, I just need to figure out where to put it... I'm hoping to fit it in my room (yes, in my already over-filled room--attic, here comes some more, um, stuff!), so I spent part of my afternoon moving furniture around and trying to see where a piano could be set??? I think I have a plan that will work now, and am really excited at the thought of being able to sit down and play whenever I have a moment--early in the morning even and I'll know I won't be waking people up, or interrupting their phone conversations, or interfering with their schoolwork, or..........

When we told Grandpa I'd bought the piano, he nearly cried and said that he's sure Grandma would have been very pleased to know it went to her oldest grandchild (and only granddaughter.) The piano is still down in Eureka, so I'll have a few days to get everything ready.

For the journal part of my blog:
Mom and I worked in the garden again today and we're getting close to being caught up. We also put some of our treasures from the sale away (baskets, napkins, pressure canner, set of glasses and pitcher, pickle bowl....)

The guys made hay and stacked it until 10:00PM. If it does not rain tonight, Dad will finish with baling the first cutting of alfalfa tomorrow. And now the second cutting is nearly ready to go!


Miss Jen said...

Awww.... how special!!
It is SO beautiful....
enjoy!! Oh~ the many happy
hours you will spend on it!

Blessings~ Jen

Cora said...


That is, like, the most beautiful piano. I mean... WOAH! I'm glad your grandpa is happy you have it.

I am an only granddaughter, too. Just my three brothers and me.

How many cuttings do you usually get?


Hannah F. said...

Oh what a lovely piano Cora!

I'm sure I would buy the piano too if I were you with those choices :)

Happy playing....

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your sweet comments ladies!

That's neat that you too are an only granddaughter...

We usually get 2 cuttings and, on moist years, we can get 3. :)

Best get going. God bless~

Kimberly said...

The piano is gorgeous! A crowded bedroom is worth it to have such a wonderful heirloom as that.