Friday, July 16, 2010

We're DONE--partially...

While Mother stayed at home and prepared the weekly feast and cleaned the house (including the basement!), the rest of us headed for the hay-field, again. Dad finished baling and the boys and I bunched, loaded, hauled, and stacked the bales up into a huge stack. We're now done with the first cut of alfalfa. Hooray!

Now to start on the second cutting....

I'm getting really excited as I think we're going to SD tomorrow to get my piano (and the other larger items that are still down there from the sale--the book case; a pretty wooden bench; the grist mill--or as we call it, the popcorn grinder, as that's what Grandpa used all those years to make popcorn cereal.) It should be a fun day, and hopefully not too back-breaking.

I'd best get some rest.~

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