Sunday, June 28, 2009

The celebration in Braddock, North Dakota...

There is a little town about 8 miles West of us called Braddock. It is now 125 years old and there was a big celebration there over the weekend. We were too busy to attend on Friday, but we all spent some time there yesterday.
First thing we saw was the good-sized-for-a-little-town parade. We're getting to know more people in this area all the time, so recognized a few smiling faces...

There were quite a few tractors and old cars driven through the parade...

My dad liked this car, as it reminded him of his car that he had as a young man--except his was bright yellow with a couple of black stripes down the front and back of it!

There were several horses to see too. Small ones;
....big ones;

...and some in the middle.

There were a lot of floats too, but I thought these were the most interesting ones...

After the parade was over, we found Braddock's park and ate our picnic lunch there before heading to main street to find the tent where there was special music going on. We listened to the Beseler Sisters for a little while, but we didn't care for their style of singing and decided to walk around and see the sites.
The next performance was by a yodeling cowgirl, but we had got to visiting with a couple guys Dad knows before we made it into the tent, so we didn't hear her whole performance.
The main interest for our family was the Strolling Strings group from Bismarck. One of our friends, Mikayla Geiger (in the middle of the picture below) plays piano for the group, so we were able to get a quick "Hi" in before she had to go on stage. It started to rain just as the music began to play, so lots of people crowded under the tent and enjoyed the songs. They had some really neat selections and it was really neat to see them playing while moving amongst the crowd!

We decided to go home then and rest a bit and listen to a Dr. Davis tape--"When Silence is Sin".
At dusk, we headed back to Braddock for the fireworks display. The weather was nice; the mosquitoes were somewhat tolerable; and the fireworks were great!

That was our happy day~

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*~Virginia~* said...

wow, that is so cool!!! I wish my town would have things like that!!!!!:)