Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting ready...

Mrs. Dagley called around noon today and went over a list of things that they'd appreciate our help with on Saturday, so, as it was another rainy day, Mom and I were able to work on getting several things ready. Mrs. Dagley said that there will be several new people at P.D. this time--some from Minnesota and some from as far away as Wisconsin! It doesn't really seem possible that Prairie Day(s) is only 2 days away! We're getting pretty excited... I'm going to be helping at the Old-Time-Photo-Shoot, helping with doing different hairstyles for the ladies, so that should be lots of fun. One thing the Dagleys have been asking us to do for a couple years now is a puppet show, so Mother wrote one yesterday and Mom, Jacob and I worked on it a little this afternoon. Puppets are always so enjoyed by little people--and a lot of big people too, I think.

The guys worked (and are working still) in the shop most of the day, as they are taking the shot engine out of the 1086 tractor so that it will be ready for the new motor my dad's located for it in Aberdeen, SD. It sure saves our family a lot of money to have such handy fellas around--fellas who aren't scared to dig in and find what's wrong with a machine, whether they know how to fix it or not. Mother took some pictures of Jacob with his finished socket-board, so I'll post one of them here and hopefully he'll write more on his blog and tell you about it in a lot more detail!

Well, that's about all of interest that happened here today--outside of the Holstein calves breaking out again; the pickup sliding sideways through the mud while trying to get oats for the animals; and the neighbor coming over to pay for some trucking my dad did for them, so I'll sign off.~

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