Monday, June 8, 2009

It was a great day!!!

I know I said I'd post in the morning, but I slept in instead and then came chores; then getting the fence up so that the calves can go out in the trees and eat grass; loading up the 3 cows and calves that were still here and taking them up to pasture; and moving the cows up there to another cell and checking that I'm only now getting to posting pictures!

Yesterday was a GREAT day--thanks to many friends who joined us in the work and celebrating. Thank you to everyone who came!!! We hope you enjoyed your time as well. :)

I'll post some pictures now and write a bit about each one. We had a friend taking pictures for us throughout the day, but won't be getting those pictures for a few days yet. These are the ones that I took though----when I wasn't visiting or working...

Here is the card and gift table that was right inside the door:

Right next to it was another table with the big balloons and the special cake on it:

Here are a few of our guests, as they were coming in:
Andrew had been talking to Mrs. Dagley in this picture, and someone must have just said something funny. :)

My dad is visiting here with Mr. Geiger.

Here Andrew is showing Mrs. Kinzler how some of his Lego machines work.

And here are the pretty ladies at the punch table--Morgan, Amanda, and Molly.
This picture is of some of the Geiger family... (I wish you could have been there too, Miranda!)
And here Mother is trying to get a smile from a sleepy baby. :)
Our program started a little after 2:30. I think Mother is telling about that in depth, so I'll just direct you there (her blog's on my sidebar) if you'd like to read about it. My brothers, Andrew and Jacob played a song together on their instruments during part of the program:

And now it's time to prepare supper, but I'll post more pictures later...


*~Virginia~* said...

What song did they play?
(it looks like you all had a wonderful (and busy) day!!!!!
Congratulaions to the graduate!!!!

Cora Beth said...

The boys played Blackberry Blossum--a favorite in our part of the world. :)