Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prairie Days...

Do you enjoy old things? --Old-time skills; old-fashioned clothing; old tried-and-true games...? Then perhaps you'd like to join us at the Dagley farm for Prairie Days this year! This will be the 7th annual event held at the Dagley's and it looks like it's going to be as interesting and enjoyable as usual. It starts this Saturday (although any one's welcome to go the night before and pitch a tent or set up a camper for the night so they can be there for the first events of the day...) and ends Sunday night. Saturday is more the day for demonstrations of old fashioned things--Sunday being set aside as a day of worship, rest and fellowship. Our family is planning on attending Saturday, but I think we'll be heading to Eureka for Father's Day this year. Anyway, if you'd like to join us, the day is free, fun, and full of friendly people. If you attend, you may even see a few Bornemanns helping out here and there with demonstrations... :)

I thought I'd post the tentative schedule of events that we got from the Dagleys at Andrew's graduation...

7am--For the early birds-Farm chores: goat milking, etc. rafting, zipline (with parental supervision/permission)

7:00-8:30--Shared picnic breakfast-pancakes and shared food in the park-music interludes

8:00-9:00--Pastured Poultry demonstration--raising meat chickens from egg (on farm hatchery) to table

8:30-9:00--Rope making--for tug of war and Stilt walking--with Dagley boys

9:15-10:30--Garden, greenhouse and orchard--tour and discussion

9:15-10:00--Organized games: Gunnysack & 3 legged-races and more

10:00-11:45--Camp kitchen and old-fashioned homemaking skills

10:00-11:45--Frontier Survival skills: lashing with rope, survival mindset, improvised weapons, methods of obtaining water, and fire-building

11:45-1:00--Shared picnic lunch and entertainment with Millers, Bartletts, Petersons and Litfins

1:00-2:00--Choir practice

1:30-2:00--Lumberjack contest--test your lumber jacking skills with a two-man saw, etc...

2:00-3:00--Off grid housing with Steve Schadler

2:00-3:00--Horse training--with Darcy Ellis

3:00-4:00--Folk and square dances--it is extra fun if you dress up in a period of the past

4:00-4:30--Acrobats with Dave & Ty-anyone who does any acrobatic stunts is welcome to share their talent also

4:00-4:30--Basic auto mechanics-tune up and troubleshooting with John Lorentzen

4:00-6:00--Old fashioned photo shoot-Remember your "Prairie day" by dressing up in outfits from the past and getting your picture taken. We'll also have a large selection of outfits and a photographer.

4:00-6:00--Camp kitchen and old-fashioned homemaking skills and live music-Participate in dutch oven cooking/open fire, quilting, rug making, spinning, knitting, grinding grain by hand, corn shelling, cheese making, butter churning, washing clothes in washtub, etc...

4:00-4:30--Tea party-herb teas and nourishing drinks, breads and snacks

4:00-4:30--Cleaning and grinding grain by hand with Susanna Dagley

4:00-4:30--Corn shelling with Bornemanns

4:30-5:00--Nourishing Traditions

5:00-5:30--Cheese making with Kathy Karges

4:30-5:30--Gun safety and basic rifle marksmanship with Nathan Dagley

5:30-6:00--Flint knapping and Rope making-with Larry Taylor & John Klein-nap a knife, make a rope

6:00-7:30--Picnic supper and entertainment-choir songs, Bornemanns, Hughes, Prairie Players, Balyeats, open mic

7:30-8:00--Help with chores-try milking goats

8:00--Hay Ride

9:30--Campfire sing and Jam

10:30--All is quite 'till the rooster crows

note=this is just a tentative schedule

SUNDAY, June 21st:

7:00-8:00--Chores for the early birds

8:00-9:00--Breakfast with music

9:00-9:30--Guys gather at chair circle and Gals gather at picnic tables after quickly putting food in storage

9:30-9:45--All race across the park

9:45-10:15--All gather for family sharing: a song, memorization, strengthening story, etc.

10:15-11:30--Father and young men's blessings

11:30--12:00--Sing for joy, instruments lead the way

12:00-1:30--Shared picnic lunch

Rest of the day is your time...

I thought I'd share a few pictures we took at last year's Prairie Days so you can see if this would be something you'd enjoy...

There's time for music with friends....

...for visiting with old friends and meeting new ones...

...for watching demonstrations...

...for learning how to train your horse.

There are things the guys will enjoy...

There are folk dances too...

You can try your hand at shelling corn with Jacob...

...or find a baby to hold...
...and, yes, it's a great time to fellowship with your friends (did I mention that before?)

It would be great to see you there!!! If you'd like driving directions or other information, just ask. :)

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*~Virginia~* said...

ooooooooh, that looks like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, I'd have to hop on a plane to go to it! ;)
Have fun!!!!! and take lots of pictures! :)