Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A surprise~

Mother left for Bismarck right after chores this morning (after she got cleaned up, that is), as she had a long list of things to do. Dad and Andrew had to go up too, but they wanted to work in the fields for a few hours first, so they left here about 2:00 with the pickup. Andrew had a chiropractic appointment, (his neck had been bothering him and Dr. C. actually said his neck was too straight! Maybe that comes from being too level headed? ) My dad had a financial appointment and also looked at a big-square baler that he's interested in. We've been thinking and praying about getting one for quite some time now, and it seems that this one would fit into our operation quite nicely, so we'll see what tomorrow brings...

With the other being gone, that left Jacob & I home to keep the baked beans going and the gardening progressing. We did several odd jobs around the place too (we tried to fix the deck up a bit; watered the grass; pruned out the dead part of the prickly rose bush; varnished the bird-feeder and our wooden sign that says, "The Bornemanns, Robert & Dawn" on it; etc...) and I worked for a couple hours on a surprise. It wouldn't really be a surprise I couldn't write here, except that the others got home too late to see it and I don't want to write or post pictures about it here in case certain members of my family should read about it before heading outside in the morning to see it... I'll post pictures later, consequently. :)

One of our neighbors (he lives 5 miles away, but we still call him our neighbor!) stopped in to let us know he and his wife won't be able to come to the graduation because of other commitments. We were glad he let us know so we don't have to plan food for them, although we already have a lot of our food purchased. It still is nice to know who will be attending though.

This evening, our neighbor, Stacey called and asked if they could come over quick as Ella had something she wanted to show me. I said, "Yes," of course and then tried to figure out what the something could be? It ended up being that Ella rode her bike without training wheels for the first time today! Stacey brought Ella's bike along so that she could show me her new skill and I must say she did very well for her first day. :) I still very much remember the first time I was showing off my new bike-riding capabilities to my Delzer grandparents.... We lived in a very small town at the time and we owned half of the little elevator down the street. Mother encouraged me to ride down the road and show Grandpa and Grandma how well I could do, and I was happy to oblige. I straddled my rainbow bike, my dad gave me a push, and I was off. I peddled down the gravel road with my grandparents following behind at a distance in their car. I'm not sure quite how it happened, but I decided to drive my bike up the cement ramp of the elevator and somehow I ended up going off the edge of the ramp--which I remember as being about a 6 foot drop-off, although maybe it wasn't that high? I was scratched up a bit and crying when Dad came and helped me out of the weeds, but what was hurt worst was my pride! So, I think Ella did very well tonight. :)

Well, I have a friend I want to write yet tonight (yes, Miranda, that would be you!), so I'm going to post this now and get to it.

Sleep well~

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