Monday, June 22, 2009

What a warm day!

One could really tell that it is Summer today! My sunburned neck is reminding me of the fact this very moment...

We accomplished many different things this day:
My dad loaded a load of sunflowers for one of his customers and hauled it to Enderlin.
Mom and I (and the boys helped a bit) got the electric fence up and running so we could get the goats out on some grass again. They should have enough in that pen to last them a few days!

I worked in the garden some and tilled up the little garden across the road for some more plants we have to transplant. Mom would have helped in the garden, but wasn't feeling the best so needed to rest.

Andrew worked on various pieces of equipment and taught Jacob how to swath down hay!!!

Here is a picture of Jacob returning from a good afternoons work... I can't believe how fast my little brother's growing up. We learned tonight that he's only 3/4 inch shy of being as tall as I am!

This next picture is from moving the cows yesterday. God has been sending us moisture this year and it is SO wonderful to see the grass so tall everywhere!!!I can still hear the guys banging and pounding in the shop, but it's getting late, so Mom and I may head for bed....

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*~Virginia~* said...

sounds like you guys are keeping really busy around the farm!!!!:)