Monday, June 29, 2009

Was today a re-run of yesterday?

...Parts of it seemed that way! For instance, the guys worked on hay; some weeds got pulled in the garden; Mom and I worked on laundry; the calves needed to be fed their water this afternoon; our lunch was eaten without Dad again as he was out baling; and the cows broke out and the same neighbor told us about it! This time, though, it was morning and bright daylight, so we were able to see the fence better to really fix it. Thankfully, the Ram worked just fine for me this time, so that was an improvement. (When Andrew checked on the cows tonight, they were still in the fence, so hopefully they've got their foolishness out of their system for the year!)

Another difference of today and yesterday was that my dad mowed all of the ditches around the place here this afternoon, so things look much nicer now. It's amazing how giving the grass a haircut can improve it's appearance so much! I guess it works that way with people too. :)

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*~Virginia~* said...

hahaha, shaggy grass!!!!!:)