Thursday, June 4, 2009

A picture-full post~

Now it's safe to share my surprise with all of you...
Here it is:

Yes, that's our wash-line. The poles were pretty ugly before, so I thought I'd try to liven them up a bit! Mother especially liked my surprise. :) Below is a picture of one of the flowers up close...

And now for the barnyard update: We have 5 new babies on the place tonight--4 of them are yellow with orange bills and 2 legs and the other 1 is black, with a soft nose and 4 legs... Here are the 4 babies:

This goose may hatch out a couple more goslings by morning. We were so happy to find 4 fluffy cheepers under her tonight, although she wasn't too happy about us snooping!

The black baby with 4 legs was found up in the pasture today by my parents and Andrew when they went to move the cows to their next cell. Apparently, this little guys' mother didn't have enough milk for him, as he could hardly walk. They brought him home so we can give him some TLC and keep a better eye on him. As he is Jacob's calf, Jacob got to name him, and seeing as Jacob likes westerns, he decided to name him John Wayne--John for short. We're hoping "John" will be with us for a long time!

I took some pictures today of the things I did with the dress I posted pictures of a few days ago... First though, I'll just say that Andrew's favorite color is yellow, and he's always liked yellow and black together, so we decided to try to dress accordingly for his special day on Sunday. Consequently, I made a puff (is that what it's called?) for Andrew's (black) suit pocket from the dress material. I had the other 2 "Puffs" in the picture to look at for inspiration...

I sewed ties (the same kind I sewed for the guys at my graduation) for Dad and Jacob:

And I shortened the skirt part of the dress a good deal to make a skirt for myself...

Mother bought a yellow jumper for herself in Bismarck yesterday, so I think we're all set now--clothes wise anyway. :)

I thought I'd share one last picture, just to show you a good place to store your boots and coat when you bounce on a trampoline:

See them up there?

We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow, so I'd best get to bed.

Please join us in praying for lovely weather on Sunday. Thanks--a lot!

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*~Virginia~* said...

wow, your dress looks very pretty!!!!!
Thats so cool, we've never had a duck hatch out her goslings before. :) And the calf looks really cute as well! :)
i'll be praying for good weather this sunday!!!!!! Hope everything goes well!
God Bless!