Friday, June 5, 2009

Very busy day...

We were all quite ready (and glad) to call it a day when we got in the house for the night! Here's a very quick overview on what we did today:

Dad got the tractor fixed and plowed the rest of the field to the South of our place; Mom got all the last-minute things we needed in Bismarck and got home in time for supper; the boys mowed everything again and mowed some lawn we hadn't mowed earlier, so everything looks nice like a park; I decorated the 2 big cakes for the graduation and have the second 1 crumb-coated and ready for decorating tomorrow; we got the house all cleaned (even the pantry!); the boys took the garbage out to the hole; we got most of the Winter clothes put up in the attic; Dad and Andrew disked and planted from 6:30 'till dark; and the guys even moved our old car away from in front of the house where it's been parked ever since last Fall sometime when the battery went dead and the tire went flat!
Here is a picture of one of the big cakes:
Jacob reassembled our bird feeder, which we had stained and varnished and put a new string on so that it would be as good as new... He then filled it with millet and hung it in one of the apple trees.

Some of our hunting friends from Florida stopped in to say "Hi" this afternoon and it turned out that they didn't realize Andrew's graduation was this Sunday--they thought it was going to be when they were gone! So, it looks like 2 of them will be able to join us--hooray!

And now, I'd best get some sleep... Tomorrow will be a fun day, as we get to do some decorating at the Hall in Braddock and we will be practicing, practicing, practicing for--well, various different things. :)

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