Saturday, December 19, 2009

A family day~

My family and I went to Eureka, SD today for the Bornemann family's Christmas gathering. We watched some old video clips from way back--when my dad was a little boy, and we prepared food; ate food; and then put lots of leftover food away.

For a while in the afternoon, I went with Grandma to an annual event the town holds where you can enter your tickets (that you've gotten for buying locally ) into a box alongside of a prize you'd like to have a chance to win. Then, after the 500 or so other people have entered their tickets into the boxes too, the announcer calls out the winners whose names have been drawn for the items. Grandma didn't win anything, but it was still interesting to watch and to look at the prizes. :)

We visited late with our extended family and, consequently, got home late too. We just got in from chores a little bit ago and now my sugar buzz is worn off and I feel very tired!

So, until we meet again--may peace and joy be with you.

"Where the soul is full of peace and joy, outward surroundings and circumstances are of comparatively little account."
~Hannah Whitall Smith


Hannah said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable time!

Kimberly said...

Ahhh! A nice day spent with your grandparents!