Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On pie crusts and complex puzzles...

A few days ago, I told a friend that I'd share my favorite, whole-grain pie crust recipe with her, so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you at the same time. It is as follows:

2 cups freshly ground barley flour
1/3 cup oil
1/2 tsp. salt
4-5 Tbsps. very cold water

Mix together well. Roll out between two pieces of wax paper, then flip gently into pan. Flute the edges and prick the bottom. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes for pies that require a pre-baked crust.

This recipe is enough for one single-layer pie crust, so I had to double it today when I made my pumpkin pies. :)

Here's a picture of the crust before I put the filling in...

...And here's a picture of the finished product...

You may recall that I said a while back that we were, in our spare moments, working on doing the puzzle my grandparents' gave us... Well, last night, my dad put the last piece into it, and it looks so nice. It's going to be hard to take it all apart again...

And now, the moment that you've been waiting for has arrived--the moment when I'll tell you what the mystery picture was!

You all had the basic idea correct (Grace, you had it exactly right, and Andrew, I'm sure you knew what it was, even without reading the label on the picture!).

The picture was of: ------------------------

Steamy, warm milk, sloshing into our holding jar out in the barn! In order to save time, and seeing as Grace gave a very good explanation of what this was in her comment, if you'd like to know more, you can read Graces' comment. :)

Here's wishing you a wonderful last day of 2009! May the Lord guide us all through every day of the new year that's just around the bend!!!


Hannah said...

Yeah for Grace! She was SO sure she had it right and I was starting to think my answer was wrong, I was quite young the last time I was in a dairy barn and I don't remember the details of the milking equipment!!!
I can't wait till you do another picture!!
I am posting the answer to mine in a few minutes (it is Thursday already here...I know, I should get to bed!!)

Kimberly said...

The pie looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe for the crust. I will have to try it as it sounds way more healthy than the one I use with Crisco!

Rachel said...

Cora,what a lovely puzzle! I also enjoy building jig-saw puzzles, but not as much as my gran - she is quite addicted to it! :)

The pie looks yummy!