Sunday, December 27, 2009

We went to Grandpa's house~

My family and I braved the roads today and went down South to try to cheer Grandpa up. We took a meal along and ate lunch with him and later Mom gave him the photo album we'd put together of our family's doings this past year...
Then, while Mom did a session on Grandpa (and then while they both napped,) the rest of us went downstairs for a couple hours worth of fun playing ping-pong. My dad used to play quite a bit with his brothers, so he's quite good and he kept the rest of us hopping!
We finished our Balentyne book, "The Young Fur Traders" on the way home and then ate a quick supper before heading out to the barn to take care of the animals. Thankfully, Dad & Andrew pushed a large quantity of the snow out of the yard this morning before we left, so getting to the barn was much easier tonight!
I thought I'd note here that it's finally stopped snowing, as that in itself is an event! :)
Before I go, I'd like to share a prayer that's on my calendar--one that I thought would be a blessing to you as well~
"Lord, I pray that You would give me an ever-renewing sense of Your purpose for my life. Use me for Your glory as long as I am on this earth!"


Dilvîn said...

That is a beautiful prayer. That is the cry of my heart.
I am so glad that you and your family are taking the time to be with your Grandpa. It is such a blessing!
Sleep well!
"Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Rachel said...

Hi Cora!
Thank you for sharing this lovely prayer, I think we can all make it our own!
How nice to visit your grandfather, it looks like you had fun with the games! Here we call it table tennis, now I've learnt that ping pong is another name for it!:)
God bless

Dilvîn said...

I put the words in english in the last comment. (look above)

Yes! you should post the recipe I don't think you ever mentioned it before.

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful Prayer~ Cora Beth!! :)
How nice that you got to spend
the say with your Grandpa!!

Love~ Jen

Rachel said...

Hey sweetie! :D So sorry I haven't been here in awhile (at least it seems that way). I've missed you! :D So glad you had a wonderful Christmas time with your family dear! :D

Oh, that prayer is so beautiful! I may have to write it out and put it on my wall near the computer or in my room. :)

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!
Love and Hugs!