Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A messy kitchen...

This is what our busy kitchen looked like after Mother returned with the Azure order this morning... We, thankfully, have almost all of our supplies put away now!
Our friend, the loan officer lady e-mailed me this morning and asked if it was alright if she rescheduled our farm visit, because she didn't really wish to venture out in this cold. Jacob & I were glad to learn of her wish, as we weren't looking forward to being outside any longer than necessary either! Mrs. H. said she'd like to keep in touch and set up something for (hopefully) when it warms up a little bit. I wonder when that will be???

I just checked the weather forecast for tonight and it's supposed to get down to 13 degrees below zero. The wind was coming from the NE all day and, seeing as my room is on the NE corner of the house, a lot of cold air was coming in through my windows. Consequently, I decided it was time to dig out the 2 pieces of plastic from under my dresser and cover my windows for Winter. As a result, it is very nice and toasty warm in my room now. Ahhhh~

Before I go, I'd like to share a great quote from my daily flip-calendar:
"God speaks to us when we stop trying to think of things to say and become quite."
How true that is!


Dilvîn said...

That is very true!
He wants us to be still and know that He is God.

That is not to messy of a kitchen Cora. It is a nice mess! We get a food order kind of like that it is called
"Country Life" it only does dry goods.
And we get our cooking and baking spices and body and hair care things from a mail order co-op called "Frontier".
That is a nice pic. of you and your mama!
We are getting a storm too.I can already hear the wind a blowin'

I awarded you! go check it out on my blog!
Have fun!

Have a good night and stay warm!

Hannah said...

I awarded you the "Lovely Lady, Lovely Blog Award"!
Your blog is truly lovely even with pics of a messy kitchen... that adds character! (I actually don't think that is too messy of a kitchen :) But doesn't a kitchen feel so nice to work in after it has been so messy and then you clean it? I have to do that today in ours :)!!

Hannah said...

I gave you the favorite blog award too!!

Dilvîn said...

I'm going to do that tag Cora!

Cora Beth said...

Dear sisters~
Thank you for your comments and your thoughts on our messy kitchen. :) Yes, it is a very good feeling to get everything washed up and put away and to find your countertop once again!

I'm glad you've found places to order healthy foods from too! I mean, it's nice to grow your own foods, but so far, we haven't found seeds for a baking powder plant or a rice-oil plant, so we need to purchase these items. :) Have you ever ordered 50 pounds of popcorn at one time? :) Just curious...