Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Russian Tea cakes--amongst other things~

Today I tried a new recipe that I'd found on Miss Jen's blog a while back. They're called "Russian Tea cakes" and I liked them very much! You can go to Blessed Femina (Miss Jen's blog) and read a ways back to find the recipe if you like...

Outside of eating cookies today, we also made some more apple cider vinegar; I canned some apple sauce and juice; a fresh batch of bread was baked; a home-made pizza was made; lessons were learned; grain was hauled; animals were fed; a cattle water-fountain was thawed; and holiday letters were read. Oh yes, tonight Dad and we youngsters also played 6 games of Foosball! Things didn't go so well for Andrew & I, so I won't tell you the ending score. :)

We have such a wonderful life! We are SO blessed...


Rachel said...

Greetings Cora!

My name is Rachel Elisabeth
I am a 14 years old bibel believing Christian who loves the Lord very very much!!

Very nice post I love baking!
Do you?

God bless Rachel*

Cora Beth said...

Dear Rachel~
Thank you for leaving me a comment! It's always so nice to meet other young ladies who love the Lord and who have similar interests.

I read on your profile page that you enjoy farming, so I'm guessing you live on a farm too?

Yes, I enjoy baking also. What's your favorite thing to bake...Pies, cakes, cookies...?

Have a lovely day in the Lord,


Hannah said...

Mmm! Yummers! I might have to try making those! Did you know that I am Russian? I am not all Russian, but I have alot of Russian in me. :)

Cora Beth said...

That's neat, Hannah!!! No, I didn't know that... Do you know what else you "Are"? I'm pretty much all German, except for a little bit of Irish that comes from my dad's side of the family. :)

Enjoy the cookies if you try them!


Rachel said...

Dear Cora!
Thank you for replying to my comment! I've lived on farms and small holdings most of my life. (By the way, I live in South Africa)I love everything about baking!:)
I'll be stopping by your blog quite often!

Keep well
God bless

Dilvîn said...

These cookies look good!
I'm going to try them out.
Maybe I'll make them for Mama. Her birthday is on sunday. it would be a special thing to make because Russian/Ukrainian is her heritage!
Are these made with only whole wheat flour?
Every time I try to make something with all WW. everyone does not enjoy it as well. It is kind of discouraging because we just planted our first crop of wheat this fall and I am so looking forward to making food with the harvest. I am thinking that perhaps the wheat that we that we are using right now is poor quality. When I chew the berries raw they don't make very much gluten in my mouth.
The flavor is kind of old tasting. By mixing this wheat flour and unbleached unbromated white flour I can get pretty good baked goods. So ... I'll keep doing this until our landrace Red fife is ready!
Have a good afternoon!

Hannah said...

Hi Cora,
Besides Russian, I am Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Austrian, and Welsh. I think there may be a few more, but I am not sure.

Cora Beth said...

Wow--you live in South Africa! Blogging is so amazing... How else would we have "Met" each other???
I tried looking at your blogs, but I got the "For invited readers only" message. :) I'd enjoy reading yours, but if you prefer to just have your blogs read by your close friends, I understand that.
Thanks for commenting again!


Happy early birthday to your mama!!! I did go to her working with wool blog shortly after she commented on my blog and thought it was very nice. However, I didn't leave a comment then and, when I went to try to write one later, I got the "For invited readers only" message there too! So, could you let her know that I did enjoy it? Thanks~

You asked about what kind of flour I used for the cookies... Yes, I used 100% whole wheat flour from organic hard white wheat that I ground up fresh. The cookies turned out very well, I thought, outside of being a slight bit crumbly. If you like the flavor of buttery pecans, you should really enjoy these cookies! :)

I hope your wheat does well for you. I've never heard of that variety before... It took our family some time to get used to the taste (or perhaps it's more the texture) of whole wheat flour products, but nobody complains anymore. :)

Oh dear... I don't think I'll remember all that, but thanks for filling me in!

Have fun preparing for your moms' birthday... We're doing the same thing here, although my moms' special day isn't until the 25th.

Sleep well, one and all, and may God bless you!

Dilvîn said...

we grind up ours fresh too.
Thank for answering my question.
Have a good night!

Rachel said...

Cora, yes blogging is amazing and I'd love to have you visit me on my blog. I need to send you an invitation, but I can't find an email address on your blog.Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place?!

God bless Rachel*

Cora Beth said...

Sorry about that, Rachel! I guess I still don't know how this all works... :)
My e-mail address is:
I very much look forward to reading your blog!!! Thanks for being willing to let me!


Rachel said...

Thanks Cora for the quick reply and email address!
I'll send you the invitation soon and look forward to your visit!

God bless

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Cora~
How delightful it was
to see your pictures...
I am so happy that you made them.
They are yummy... buttery pecan
goodness. *sigh*
Did you roll them in powdered
sugar? ;)

*hugs* dear friend!!

Love~ Jen