Saturday, December 5, 2009

A peaceful day together~

How refreshing it is to take a day to just rest from our labors!

We sang some hymns; studied some Bible truths; and played some games as a family. We had a couple quick visitors too, as some hunting friends stopped in to ask if they could walk our tree rows and then my music teacher stopped in on his way home from a meeting in Jamestown. Also, my dear friend, Miranda called and we had a few minutes to visit, so this was truly a lovely day!!!

Oh yes, the gift that Andrew & I had ordered for our parents (a "Just because we wanted to get it for you" gift) arrived in the mail today, so we gave it to them. "It" is an MP3 player. Andrew had the idea to buy it so that Dad can take it with him to play music or audio-books when he's driving all those long hours in the semi (or to watch Andy Griffeths if he gets stuck in a line!) and Mother can use it to listen to whatever she wishes to listen to also. They seemed to enjoy it--almost as much as Andrew did... :)

For supper, Mother popped some popcorn and she and I cut up some fruit for a salad. Mom snapped this picture of me dissecting the Pomegranate that the Dagleys gave to us. :)
I hope your day was as lovely as ours!
Here's a closing thought that I was blessed by today:
"Faith in small things has repercussions that ripple all the way out. In a huge, dark room a little match can light up the place." by Joni Eareckson Tada


Dilvîn said...

Dear Cora,
Good Morning!

...That is a nice thought. Thanks for sharing it.
We had a lovely day too.
It was extra lovely with Hannah's yummy vanilla cream pie!
Glad you had a restful day as a family.
I think winter is here finally to stay! :)
and I am so glad!
Have a Good day

Hannah said...

Good Morning Cora Beth!
Sounds like you had a nice day today! Mama and I spent our day together at the market. I finished my pie when we got back... see my post for details (I hope you get a good laugh out of it)! :D
Oh yum! I like pomegranates! My brother Nathanael like anything exotic! When we go to Mijers he always wishes he could get some of the exotic fruit. But it just does not taste very good because the ship them when the are un-ripe and plus they are not organic. Sometimes though when the fruit at the natural food store goes on sale we get something for him. I one time knew someone and she lived in CO (I think) and she said they would have pomegranates and pomegranate juice how we have apples!
That is a lovely thought. I am glad you shared it with us all. Have a lovely day in Jesus!