Saturday, December 26, 2009


It truly is a Winter-wonderland around our place these days! I tucked my camera inside its' case and took it out with me this morning to get some pictures...

Here, my milk cow, Louisa, was peeking in the barn door to see if it was her turn to come in or not. :)

My brothers, milking their cows, Cheerio (left) and Lilac (right)...
My dad had to clear some snow away from the Quonset door in order to get out to feed the cows this morning...
This picture is of our turkeys--cleaning up a little grain that one of my brothers had spilled. Speaking of turkeys, we had a funny experience with our little hen this evening during chores... My dad had gone across the road with the tractor to feed the heifers their grain and then proceeded to the hay-yard to pick up a couple large square bales to feed to the cows. When he came back in the farm-yard with the hay... ...Jacob noticed that there was something on top of the tractor cab and then pointed it out to the rest of us. It was--our little hen--just sitting up there, holding on tightly with her feet! We motioned to Dad to stop and then informed him that there was a turkey on top of the tractor. He got out and was going to lift her off, when she spread out her wings and took to the air, landing in the snow a little ways away. Silly little bird! :) Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera along at the time, so we don't have a picture of our brave turkey.

Here is the snowy alley way that leads out to the stock cows...
...And here is the semi. It looks like Dad will have to push some snow away before he takes off Monday morning!
We had a lovely day at home today, singing; praising the Lord; fellowshipping together; playing a game and working on a thousand-piece puzzle (which we're a little over half done with--the easy half is done though...!)
Before I go, I'd like to inform you that Grace has a mystery picture posted on her blog currently and she would like lots of people to try to guess what it is before she gives the answer on Monday. It's a peculiar picture and it has me puzzled, so if you'd like a challenge, I suggest you visit her blog soon and try to figure out what "It" is.... Have fun! :)


Kimberly said... much snow makes life more difficult on a farm, doesn't it? It looks like your dad and brothers will have quite a job getting the yard cleaned out. Tim said he thought it would take him the time he will have before he has to go to work today just to clean out a path from the garage to the road. Hopefully the roads will be cleared of the snow. It will be interesting. I admit to having some fear that this winter will be as bad as the past! We sure got a lot of snow so early in the season. Take care and stay warm.

Hannah said...

I enjoyed all the pictures Cora! The one of your cow is so cute! We want to get some turkeys like that soon. Do you have them for meat or pets?
Have a great day!

Hannah said...

Hi Cora!
Remember you asked if I had any more book titles that I enjoy? Here are four:

The Runaway by Patricia St. John
The Tanglewoods by Secret Patricia St John
Rainbow Garden by Patricia St John
Wild Trek by Jim Kjelgaard

Have you read any of these? Also, if you ever have any book suggestions for this always hungry book worm :) I would love it!
Oh and remember you asked me what my Daddy had a patent on? well, I copied this off

A non-stroking, constant velocity universal joint including a cup-shaped outer joint element having internal ball grooves, an inner joint element having external ball grooves, a cage between the inner and outer joint elements coacting with spherical inner and outer walls of the joint elements and having a plurality of ball apertures in register with the ball grooves, and a plurality of bearing balls in the ball apertures and ball grooves. A characterizing BCD/BD ratio greater than 3.5 is achieved in the constant velocity universal joint by providing notches on opposite sides of partitions on the outer joint element between the internal grooves from an open end of the outer joint element to the center of the inner spherical wall. The notches reduce the effective width of the partitions, which otherwise would exceed the width of the ball apertures in the cage due to the high BCD/BD ratio, to less than the width of the ball apertures.

I don't really know what all that means! :)
Sorry I never go around to answering those two questions of yours :)

Dilvîn said...

Hi Cora!
You all have alot of snow. Your cow is so cute!
I like the pic of the turkeys. We want to get some of those. Today I made a pumpkin pie and for the crust I used all whole wheat. It turned out so nice. Thanks so much for giving me the idea and encouragement to try making stuff with whole wheat.
Everyone said it was very good. I am going to keep trying my hand at working with whole wheat!

Thanks for directing others to my "Guess this picture".

Gute Nacht, schlaf gut und träum süß!

Cora Beth said...

I hope Tim was able to get a lot of snow cleared away... My dad and Andrew made two huge piles yesterday morning and it's much nicer to be able to walk to the barn now instead of leaping over snow drifts!

The turkeys we have now will have to stick around until springtime at least to hopefully make more little turkeys so we can get our turkey population built up again so that we can eat them. :)

Thank you for sharing the names of some of your favorite books (I've never read any of them--hooray!)--and for sharing the patent information, although I must admit that it didn't mean a thing to me. :) It sounds pretty important though!

I'm so glad your whole wheat pie crust turned out well!!! I'm wondering now if I ever shared that we've come to enjoy a recipe that uses whole barley flour? I could share that here if you'd like.

Oh yes, I hope you had a Gute Nacht too! I'm pretty sure you also wished me to "Sleep Good", but am not sure about what the last part meant? :)

Kyrie said...

Hey Cora! What a lot of snow! It all sounds like so much fun - thanks for sharing all the trivia with us!


Your friend,


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
The snow REALLY is beautiful, isn't it? It's just that when you have to go pull your mother out of the snowbank, and then sink down to your knees, it's not necessarily a lot of fun. Thanks for the lift. :)