Thursday, December 10, 2009

A post on hard and soft surfaces~

Has anyone else ever realized how slippery compacted snow can be?


Last night during chores, I was carrying 2 pails of water to a group of calves. This involves filling the pails in the heated part of the barn and then going outside and walking to another section of the barn where the calves are. Unfortunately, the path on the way to the calves has gotten pretty packed down and, as a result, is very slippery. Several times I have almost fallen down on my journey back and forth, but I've always managed to do a quick, instinctive maneuver and avoided the fall. Last night, however, my instincts weren't fast enough and--thud--splash--down I went, spilling all the water beside me. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt too badly and the worst of it all was that some of the water had run inside my gloves and I had to go find a dry pair!


Tonight, Andrew & I got ready to go out to the barn at the same time and were walking along, talking. I was carrying an empty pail that we were going to save milk in and another pail that was half full of soapy water that we use to wash the cows and goats off with before we milk them. Andrew & I were talking about something or other when, I was mid-sentence and, you guessed it! All of a sudden, my feet slipped out from under me and down I went--the pail with water in it landing uphill from me--on its side. Result: I'm still in tact, and my gloves are even cleaner on the inside tonight than they were last night!!! :)

Moral of the story: Be careful if you're walking on snow that's been packed down by many pairs of boots over the last few weeks. There are much easier ways to wash your gloves than the way I did it!

Now, onto the softer surfaces...

This afternoon, my mom went to Linton to deliver an Azure order to friends of ours and also to pick up the teddy bears that were finished! Oh, maybe I should explain about the bears--for the sake of my newer friends. :)

Many years ago, a lady (Martha) from the church we attended at the time gave me a very lovely bear that she had made just for me... I promptly named the bear Emeline Harris and sat her on top of my mirrored-dresser where every one could see her. (A place of honor that she's kept for many years now!)

~Emeline Harris~

After my grandmother passed away in April, Grandpa had us take all her clothes home, to do with as we wished. Amongst those things were two, very fuzzy, nice fur coats. We donated a lot of the clothes, but weren't sure what to do with the coats. Then, Mother had the great idea to call Martha and see if she still made bears and if she'd be willing to make 4 bears (1 for Dad & Mom and 1 for each of us children) out of the coats. *I should note here that she has had a business making and selling bears for years.* Martha was more than willing to do it, so Mom and I delivered the coats to her about a month ago and have waited for her call saying they were done ever since.

Mom wanted the bears made so that we could all have something to remember Grandma by.........


When Mother got the bears home this afternoon, we were all more than pleased with how they'd turned out!!!
This is my darling girl bear with her shawl... I haven't decided what to name her yet. Do you have any suggestions?
This is Jacob's cute little guy... Isn't that vest adorable?
And this, of course, is Andrew's bear...

After seeing how technical Andrew's bear was, Jacob decided to catch his bear up to the modern times too. :)
We like our little bears! Thanks so much Martha for the fine job you did on them!!! They're oh so nice and soft. :)
Now, I just need to clean off a little more space on my dresser.......


Dilvîn said...

Oh what cute bears Cora!
I want one! you should name yours "Darling":)
I like that they look so realistic. that is such a
special sweet way to remember you Grandma.

Rachel said...

Greetings Cora!

What adorable bears! And what a wonderful idea to use your grandma's coats. Teddy bears are great to have and can be passed on for many generations! Real keepsakes!

My teddy's name is Honey and my sister's is named Cornflower. My mom still has a bear that she got before she was one year old. I'm sure you will enjoy your special bear.
As far as names go how about, Blackberry,Posy,Treacle or Treasure? :D

God bless

Tamera said...

They turned out beautifully. What a wonderful way to remember your grandmother!

Kimberly said...

The bears are so cute! She did a great job.

Thanks for the advice on copying and pasting on blogger. I'm going to try it this morning.

Hannah said...

Oh they are so cute! What a special way to remember your Grandmother by! As far as a name, alot of times I name something after a favorite character in a book or something. I can't think of a specific name at this time!

Kyrie said...

Hey Cora! That is so neat! The first bear is cute too - I know why you named her Emeline Harris ;)