Thursday, December 24, 2009

Name that thing...

My blogging friend, Hannah has recently been posting mystery pictures and then, whoever wishes to can guess what the picture is of. I thought of something to take a picture of just now and am posting it here for you to guess, if you like!

Got any ideas???

We all had a busy day doing regular cooking and cleaning, and then did some more cleaning (our messy closet got a major overhaul!) and some special cooking/baking (Andrew made ice cream and I made cookies.) Oh yes, Mom and I also had a fun time putting the pictures in the photo album that we'll be giving to Grandpa!

As my dad stayed home from trucking because of the weather, when our work was done, we all sat down and played the game, "Rage." As tomorrow is my mom's birthday, I thought it would be nice if she'd win, but Papa won instead. :)

It's still snowing..... We were planning on going to SD tomorrow, but if it's a blizzard, we'll be celebrating here in our cozy home!

Well, it's family prayer time once again, so I'll bid you farewell~


Hannah said...

Dear Cora,
This is fun! I am going to guess that it is the ear or some part of your new teddy bear, and the white is the cape?

Hannah said...

Oh, by the way, Grace and I are not telling each other what we guessed!

Kimberly said...

Cora, I know what the picture is as I was just at your home! It's the teddy bear your friend made out of your grandmother's fur coat.

Oh, I did't remember that it was your mother's birthday. I will leave a birthday message for her.

Dilvîn said...

It is the bear that was made from your Grandma's coat. It is it's nose and the shawl around it.

Under Southern Skies said...

I think it might be a teddy bears nose. :)

Andrew B. said...

Ha! I know what it is, but I don't think you would want me to tell, and give away the secret... :-)