Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The first blizzard of this Winter~

It has been snowing most of the day here in ND! While out at chores this evening, we plodded through about 2 inches more snow than we had to go through this morning. The snow is still coming down fast and the wind is picking up, which means one thing--it's a blizzard! The weathermen are predicting a blizzard for a few days, so we'll probably be staying pretty close to home for a while. :)

Lots of different things got done today around here... Dad hauled another load of grain to Enderlin and got loaded up again. Mother went to Bismarck and brought home some supplies. The boys and I picked out pictures on the computer to have printed in town (which Mother then brought home) for a photo album we're putting together for Grandpa Harvey. We also folded the letters (put them in envelopes; addressed the envelopes; and mailed them) that Mom wrote up for him, announcing to friends the fact that Grandma isn't with us anymore, as Grandpa had received several cards from people recently who didn't know that she had passed away.

Speaking of Grandpa Harvey, he didn't have to have surgery today after all. PTL! He's back at home now and will have to see a gall-bladder specialist after the holidays are over with to see if he needs the surgery done or not. Thank you so much for praying for him! As the nice, older gentleman on Rejoice radio always says, "God hears and answers prayer!"

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