Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An update and another mystery picture...

My mom and brothers went down to Eureka again today to help move grandpa Harvey into the assisted living room that my uncle & aunt had reserved for him. Currently, the arrangement is for him to live there just for the Winter, as in the Summer, he enjoys being out of doors and helping on my uncles' farm. We were just too concerned that he'd hibernate all these cold months away--without getting out to visit. Also, an even greater concern is that we weren't sure that he was always remembering to take his medication, so this way a nurse will see to it that he gets his meds. twice a day, and also, he never wanted to cook anything, so this way he'll get three good meals a day. We all feel much better that he'll be under closer supervision now. We have invited him several times to come and stay with us on our farm for a while, but he doesn't want to do that (we're guessing a big reason is that he's pretty addicted to watching television and we don't have TV access here!) So, my grandpa's spending tonight in his old home and then will be moved entirely over to the assisted living place once his new twin-sized bed comes in. We're praying that his health and his spirits will improve with this change in scenery and care!

While they were gone (and while my dad was trucking) I kept things going here at home. One thing I accomplished was I made a batch of Mint Bon-Bon ice cream to take along to our friends' house on New Years Eve. I hope everyone there likes mint ice cream!

As I was folding some laundry, the phone rang and it was one of our neighbors, saying that he had been moving his cows from one place to another when some of them got away. Two cows went off in one direction (and he was at that time working on retrieving them) and then a cow and a calf headed towards our farm. He asked that, if they came into our yard, that "We" lock them in a pen and he'd come get them tomorrow with his pickup and trailer.

So.... "We", which consisted of me, got all bundled up then and went outside to take a look around for the four-footed wanderers. After walking all over, in all directions, and not seeing hide nor tail of them, I thought that perhaps they had gone someplace else, and proceeded to go back in the house and took off all my snow-gear. I had just accomplished this task when I happened to look out the window toward the road and saw a cow and a calf standing right in the middle of it! I'm still very curious where they were when I was out looking for them...?

Anyway, at this time, I decided to call my dad, as I was hoping he'd be home soon and could help me. Shortly after I dialed his number, I saw our black and blue semi coming around the curve in the road just south of our place---and I breathed a sigh of relief. :) I warned my dad about the cow that was standing in the middle of the road... When he pulled into our drive-way, the cow and calf headed north, towards their home. After parking the truck, Dad walked out to the road and saw that the cow and calf were already half way up to the corner where they'd have to turn to get to our neighbors' place, so he came back to the house and called our neighbor, who happened to be driving down the road then and he saw the cow and calf and said he'd follow them the rest of the way back to his farm and get them in with the rest of his herd. So, everything turned out alright after all!

I really had best get to bed now. First, though, I want to post another mystery picture. For some of you, this will probably be pretty easy, but I imagine it will be harder for others--and that's all I'm going to say. :)


Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. Glad everything worked out and the cow got home.

Is the picture "milk"?

Hannah said...

When I first saw the pic I thought it was just milk being poured into a pot, but then I thought maybe it was the icecream custard before it was frozen and you are pouring it into the icecream maker??
I can't wait to see if I guessed right!

Andrew B. said...

LOL! When I clicked on the picture to see it bigger, it came up in a window called "milk.JPG" Ha! I guess you should name your pictures something like "Mystery", or "Unknown", rather than as what they actually are. :-)



Dilvîn said...

Ok Cora! This is my guess!
In a dairy Barn (that is a modern one.)
There are cows, on them are machine milkers
the milkers go to pipes that go into a round glass thing, then from the glass thing into the big tank. The milk runs thru all this stuff.

The pic was taken right when and where the milk is poring into the round thing.

Sorry I don't know the names for all those things but I have seen them!

Oh! if I'm not right this will all be such a waste of words! Ha!