Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun with Hristiyan~

We just finished eating our smores around the campfire and are heading for bed, as we all need to get up early to get Hristiyan back on his way to WI.

I did want to post some pictures though of the past few days, so they are below.

We had an early lunch today, then the boys took one of the 9030s and the white truck (with a loader bucket on it) over to the land up North. Mom and I followed a little later, bringing the old pickup and another vehicle so we could leave the pickup there for them and then return home ourselves. While waiting for Jacob to come with the tractor, the rest of us took some pictures. (Dad was gone all day cleaning grain and will be gone all day tomorrow too, doing the same.)

I climbed up on the baler to get some pictures of the hay and also took this one of Mom, Andrew and Hristiyan visiting...

The Lord has blessed us abundantly with hay this year (and last, as some of these bales are still from last year.) Another great blessing is the interest of the hay buyer (from Texas) in our hay!

I asked Mom if she'd take a picture of Hristiyan and I together, as I didn't have a single one yet with both of us on it! Andrew had a great idea for a place to pose, but had to give us a lift to get us there!


Mother then said she'd like a picture with our cousin too, so they found another place to sit. :)

We still were waiting for Jacob to come, so Andrew had the idea to do a picture like one we did a long time ago, except this time with strong man Hristiyan holding Mom and I on his hands. :)

Andrew had to show off his muscles too of course, and "Lifted" Hristiyan and a hay bale at the same time. :)

Jacob arrived then and it was time to get back to work!

Hristiyan drove this truck by himself today, hauling the bales from one of my brothers who was loading them in the field to the other brother who was stacking them up. This is sometimes my job, so I was glad he was willing to do it so I could stay home and rest a bit; milk Sally; and make supper.

Friends and second cousins...

This picture was taken last night. While we were enjoying hot dogs roasted over an open fire, Lady was enjoying the scent of them (and was hoping for a taste of them too, I imagine.) My Lady is a very shy dog, but today she actually ran up to Hristiyan and wanted him to play with her! I think he liked that...

Our campfire: Tonights campfire was much prettier, as it was quite dark out!

Here Hristiyan is "Farming" with Jacob, my brother being on a computer just to the right of Hristiyan. I guess they didn't get enough real life farming in....

Andrew, taking his fixed car out for a spin...

The clouds were so pretty yesterday! Here's a picture of our farm from a distance with the pretty clouds up above:

That's all for now. I'd best get some sleep! I wonder if the boys will go right to sleep tonight???


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
What a lovely post. :) You have a nice family, and your days are so blessed together.
The Lord often reminds me, and in fact my Dad was just mentioning yesterday, how happiness is so unconcious. We never are truly thankful enough for things, until we don't have them any more! :)

What a beautiful family, and day you had. I pray your cousin really enjoyed his visit, and will have a safe trip home.

With all my love, Carra :)

Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Carra,
I just want to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you by reading your comments on my daughter's blog. You have such a beautiful, caring heart and you have blessed me!
Have a great day in the Lord!
Mrs. Bornemann--Cora's mom

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Mrs. Bornemann,

I have been very blessed by your daughter's blog, and by reading your comments too. I am blessed to know your family, in the small way the Lord has blessed me to. :)

May the Lord Jesus bless you always, ma'am. Thank you for blessing my heart so much today.

Sincerely, Carra