Thursday, August 11, 2011

A pail of pickles... ice cream pail, that is. I had planned to make quite a few pickles today, but upon closer investigation of our cucumber patch, I realized there were not all that many cucumbers of the right size for pickling, so I decided to make my grandma Erdies' "Pickle Pail Pickles." This is the kind you keep in the fridge and eat in the next month or so. I've never made them before, but Grandmas' were always delicious!

By the way, thanks for your kind offers of assistance in my pickle making project, ladies!!! What

fun it would be if we actually could just hop, skip and jump over to each others' houses for a time of harvest celebration and preservation! As it is though, MA; SC; and S. Africa are a bit farther than a hop or a jumps distance. Thanks for thinking of me though. :) I praise God often for the friends He's blessed me with, those that live close and others that are close in another way of speaking...

I also thought making yogurt would be a good idea today, so I did make it, but then realized that perhaps I should not have done so, as a friend is coming for some milk tomorrow morning and wanted 6 or 7 gallons. That gallon of milk I used would have come in handy in filling her request! Ooops... Do you suppose she'd settle for a gallon of yogurt in place of a gallon of milk? :)

Jacob is feeling better today, (praise the LORD!) but Andrew came down with this cold now. The rest of us are feeling fine so far, thankfully. The guys all worked on hay again and the boys went over to Fern's land and got some hay home and brought the loader tractor and rake back to the farm. Mother was in Bismarck most of the day. I cooked the guys a meal of sauerkraut with all-beef hot dogs cut up in it. Andrew said that when he got home, he felt like Hoss Cartwright, following his nose to the kitchen and all (I had the windows wide open to let the fresh air inside. : )

We are getting excited for our anticipated cousin, Hristiyans' visit in a couple weeks. I think he'll be staying with us for 5 days while his grandparents visit relatives in other parts of North and South Dakota.

Hmmmm.... I wonder if Hristiyan likes making pickles..................?


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
Thank you for such a lovely post. :) I'm glad you got some pickles done.

Oh... too bad about your milk. I know how that feels. :( Yesterday we got a call from a family that buys eggs from us. They always come by when they are up our way, and they come once or twice a month to check on some rental properties they own here. Sadly we didn't have any eggs to spare for them, because we're trying to fill an order for this weekend. Sigh....

But, Lord willing they will be back soon.

Be blessed. :) Mmm... I love saurekraut with pork chops cut up in it... have you tried that? It's a bit more costly. But for a treat, it's worth it. :)

Love Carra

Kristi said...

As soon as Hristiyan read this, he said, "Oh no. She's ruining good cucumbers with pickling!" Then later he reconsidered and said, "But maybe they'd taste better than store pickles." As you can tell we have no experience with homemade pickles. But Hristiyan is our biggest fan of cucumbers around here.

Cora Beth said...

Our guys tried the pickles today and said they were very good, so I was very happy about that! I'm wondering if there will be any left by the time I'm off this cleanse? :)
It can be difficult to juggle things around to get everyone the farm products they'd like, I know! Hopefully your friends will be able to come again another time when you have more eggs on hand.
No, we haven't tried sauerkraut with pork chops. Actually, our family doesn't believe in eating pork, so that's why we eat the sauerkraut with beef hot dogs. :)

Thanks so much for commenting! It is so fun to hear from you!
Hopefully there will be some Pickle Pail Pickles left when Hristiyan arrives so he can try some homemade pickles! I'm guessing we'll still have cucumbers on hand then, so he can eat those if nothing else! :)