Sunday, August 14, 2011

Record keeping...

...It's actually kind of fun, once you sit down and just start on it. :) I spent most of the afternoon getting my cattle business records up to date. I had not kept up with them as I ought to have, obviously.

My dad received a phone call from a trucker yesterday afternoon, a man whose boss in Texas was looking for hay--especially large square bales, which is what we have. I hear there's a terrible drought going on down there and not much is growing... This trucker had driven by our field and saw the square bales and knew what his boss was looking for, so he pulled in at the nearest farmstead and that man gave him our number. My dad told the man he would not be able to sell the hay or load the bales right then (we don't do business on Sabbath), but if he could wait until morning, then Dad would be glad to sell his boss some hay. The trucker asked if he could park his truck in our hayfield for the night and sleep there, which Dad said was fine.

Early this morning, my dad drove a loader tractor over the 20+ miles to the haystacks there. As it was Sunday, my dad and the trucker were faced with a problem: How were they going to know how much the hay weighed, as it was being sold by the ton? Dad then thought of some former neighbors of ours, who now own the Temvik elevator (which we used to own half of when we lived there.) He called this former neighbor and God had everything work out well so that Mr. W. (who lives in Bismarck) was in the area and went over right away and opened the elevator so they could drive in on the scale and weigh the truck and trailer, and later, the whole unit loaded down with hay. The trucker is pretty sure they'll be back for more hay in the near future... This all came at the perfect time too! PTL! We have a big payment coming up soon and needed some money. The Lord always provides one way or another, doesn't He? :)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Amen Cora,
the Lord Jesus is always there! Isn't He wonderful?

I'm so thankful all worked out well. It always touches me so much when I see how He is really moving in my life.
Much love, Carra

PS. I'm praying for you Cora. :)

Kimberly said...

That is so neat. I love it when I can so clearly see the LORD's hand at work. It strengthen my faith.