Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post #1,000!

It seems like forever ago that I started my blog on April 2nd, 2009! The Lord has blessed me ever and ever so much since then with the blessings of friendship and inspiration, encouragement and joy! I hope I've been able to share helpful things along the way for others as well, even if it was just something to put a smile on someones face. :) After all:

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."
Proverbs 17:22

One of my blogging friends suggested that I tell you all 10 random facts about myself that you may, or may not already know. I thought this sounded like a fun idea, so the facts are typed out below:

  1. My favorite color of cows is red. I own mostly black cows (their calves sell better around these parts) but do own most of the red/tan cows in our herd.

  2. I do not like eating tomatoes plain! I will eat them in a sandwich, but do not enjoy it. It has something to do with the texture, as I'm not a picky eater, but tomatoes that way just are not appealing to me!

  3. I love poetry! I like to try my hand at writing poetry every once in a while, but especially love reading it. Isn't it fun to read a story in rhyme?

  4. I'm shy.... Too shy, sometimes, especially when it comes to talking to young men. God has helped me to work through some of this though since I began working at the nursing home, as I HAVE to talk to the residents (which I enjoy!) and to their family members/company (which is a little harder, as they're complete strangers sometimes), and to my coworkers.... :) There's even a young man CNA working there now which means that I HAVE to talk to him when I work with him, which is a good thing--a growing experience.

  5. I/we don't observe Christmas and Easter (and definitely not Halloween), as we've researched the roots of these holidays and don't believe in keeping them the way most people do. We do thank the Lord for His coming to earth and dying for us and rising again, and sing songs about that, but don't believe that he was even born in December....

  6. I love playing music on my piano! Classical; Marty Goetz or Lorie Lines music; and pretty hymns are my favorite, although hymns seem harder to play (mechanically speaking) than others, even though most people say hymns are easy to play. Hmmm.... I also own a violin and an accordion, both of which I know how to play a little.

  7. I love growing things! You probably know that already though. I have a Rubber plant (that I started from a snip from our big plant) and a Hops vine slip that I'm trying to grow in my room currently...

  8. My favorite color is green, a rich, dark green.

  9. I'm still working on my one and only quilt. It will be King sized when it's finished. It will be very colorful and has many pansies strewn amongst the hearts... :)

  10. I've learned a few German words since working at the nursing home and hope to learn more. It seems hard for the residents to translate the words over into English, so I haven't gotten too far with that. One really good word to know though is "Shlofa"--meaning "Sleep"!

So, now you know. :)

I was thinking of having a giveaway in honor of my 1,000th post, and my family was giving me suggestions tonight for what I could do. I've decided to take part of one of their suggestions, so my giveaway is as follows:

I will be choosing 2 winners.

If you leave me a comment on this post, your name will be entered in the hat for the chance to win your choice of 1 of the following things:

#1. A gift of 1,000 pennies--(perhaps all put together into one $10 bill for shipping convenience!) :)


#2. I will attempt to write a poem about you--if I know you well, it will be all the easier, but if I don't, it will be a fun challenge! This poem will be published here and/or sent to you as soon as it's finished, depending on how it turns out! ;)

I would love to hear from you!

~Thank you again to all of you who have come to be good friends through blogging or who have stayed in touch better because of it. You are a blessing from above! May the Lord bless you abundantly in return!

And now, "Shlofa gut!" I'd say, "Sleep REAL good", if I only knew how to say "Real" in German........ :) Does anyone know?


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dearest Cora,

I am very blessed by this post! :) Especially the part about the holidays. :) We are exactly the same. We choose not to celebrate most of the holidays, in fact... we do celebrate Thanksgiving, and we like to do something special on the first day of the year, because it is such a special day.
Often we have a celebration of our own, for Christ's birth, but we don't always... and haven't in a while.

I really wanted to leave a comment (but could you please not enter me in the giveaway?) I love your ideas. :) They are very sweet. It's just that I don't participate in drawings, because I don't like depending on "chance". Thank you so much, Cora, and I hope all goes well for you. I am so blessed to have you for a friend, and have enjoyed your blog.

Much much love, Carra

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Oh, and by the way, I know the word for "very" is "sehr" in German. So I'm guessing "Shlofa sehr gut!" would say "Sleep very good!" I don't know the word for "really". :) Hope that helps!

Kimberly said...

Cora, I am so happy that you decided to blog. I love reading what you write. Especially I find it nice that you are faithful every day to write even if it is just a short post. I find much encouragement in your posts.

I felt like stopping in on Sunday as we drove past your road. I missed seeing the road on Friday but knew it was in the area.

Anonymous said...

Cora , I check your blog every morning and enjoy knowing what you did during the previous day. Have a good day , I know you keep busy.

Kristi said...

I love your ideas of topics for this interesting post about yourself. And very creative ideas of giveaways too. : )

Did you know that I sometimes find Hristiyan reading your very old posts, and then something will catch my eye, and I will get pulled in too. : )

Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
I, too, LOVE your blog! If I win, I would like you to write a poem about me. One of my very favorite treasures is the poem that you wrote for me in 2006 when I was so very ill. However, I would love to have a poem written about me now that I am well!
Hope I win!

buzzyblueeyes said...

Dear Cora, I always feel so encouraged and lifted up after reading your Blog. Thanks for taking the time to write and allow us to know more about you and your family.

God Bless you as you work for His Kingdom. Vangie

Rachel Beth said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post, dear Cora! :) I love your blog and am so glad I met you!

I enjoyed reading the ten random things about you. :)
God bless you.
Love you lots,

Hristiyan M. said...

Hi Cora,

Hope you are feeling better. I got home safely. If I win the pennies, do not give me a dollar bill, I will take the pennies when I see you next.
You won't even have to ship them. I'll come get them someday. :)


Hannah said...

is the giveaway open still? I'd love to win the poem :D