Friday, August 19, 2011

Yum yum brownies, amongst other things...

This afternoon, I tried a new recipe, one called, "Yum Yum Brownies". The boys did say they were yummy too. :)

My day was mainly spent in cleaning the house; cooking; getting a package wrapped up and taken out to the mailbox; and cleaning the terribly smelly mess in the pantry (rotten potatoes that have been hidden from view sure don't smell all that great!)

The boys worked on hay; fence fixing; working on a tractor; Jacob worked on his computer when a part came for it; and other things too to be sure.

We've talked to our parents several times today, once after they'd almost run out of gas due to there being something wrong with the fuel guage; another time when they got a little lost in Missoula; and finally tonight, when they were checked into their hotel room and very much ready for some good sleep. Mom said that Dad has another tooth ache now! It's a tooth on the opposite side of the one he had pulled out just last week. We're praying that the pain just goes away...

That's about all the excitement there was today.

Oh yes, there was one more thing, but I can't write it here yet, as it is a surprise for when Dad and Mom return and we don't want them reading about it here. :)

Sleep well~


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

That's wonderful Cora. :)

Glad everything is still going well.
The Lord be with you all. And happy surprises. :)
Love Carra

Rachel said...

I'm so glad your parents arrive at the hotel safely! Ooh, I don't like car troubles! :( I pray your dad's tooth started to feel better so he could get a good night's rest...I pray the pain will stop for him!

Ick! Oh, I *hate* that rotting potato smell! :P Not fun! Not fun cleaning it up either, I must say. :(

Oh, a fun surprise hu? ;) Exciting! Can't wait to hear what it is you three are up to! :D

I pray you have a blessed day Cora Beth!
Love and Hugs dear friend!