Thursday, August 18, 2011

My folks went to "Big sky country"...

Yep... They did.

Dad spent the morning cleaning grain for a farmer South of us a ways. Andrew worked out of doors as well, but Mom, Jacob and I were busy packing clothing, food, water and various other supplies for our parents' trip to Missoula, Montana. Mother is attending a class about improving animals' health and Dad is going to do some sightseeing and mainly went along so Mom didn't have to drive all that way (we figure it will be a 12-13 hour journey.) They will be able to spend some time together too, when the class is not going on, so may do

They went West into Montana just a little bit and then went North to visit my moms' brother, Russell and his wife and to spend the night there. We've never seen their home, so I'm glad they were able to go, and I'm sure Aunt LV cooked up a delicious meal---perhaps Filipino even, as she grew up in the Philippines. The hard part for Mother though is that she's still on the master cleanse, which means NO FOOD! (Praying for you, Mom!) They will make the rest of their long journey to Missoula tomorrow. The class ends on Sunday at 6:00, and Dad wants to head home yet that night, so hopefully he'll sleep in that morning! They should have some time together in between class times, so hopefully they'll be able to get out in the country a bit to explore a piece of God's very beautiful country! (Just look out for the bears and rattle snakes!)

Meanwhile, back at the farm, we 3 are left in charge of things.

I had to work in town again, but the boys baled and stacked hay for most of the day. Andrew had received a phone call about a big grain cleaning job that needed doing, so he thought he might work on that now, but then after talking to the farmer some more, it was decided to wait until Monday to start that project. I'm glad, because now we'll (my brothers and I) all be home together----working, yes, I'm sure, but together.

Off to dreamland,


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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Beautiful, Cora, :) I'm praying for your parents, and you three at home too.
May Jesus guide your lives.
Love Carra