Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't choke on the cherries!

The chokecherries, that is.  Mom, Jacob and I picked 4 gallons of ck. cherries this morning and juiced them and I tried to make jelly out of some of the juice, using homemade apple pectin that I also made today, but it doesn't seem to have jelled, so I'll have to either make/add more pectin or just use the jelly as syrup.   We did have some syrup on top of pancakes for supper.  Yummy!

My dad started cutting down the South alfalfa field and was surprised to find quite a bit of hay in the low spots, so the guys will be working on haying.  PRAISE GOD!  It is still so dry here.  We also looked at some CRP ground that our hunter friends said we could pay a bit to put up, so they'll probably do that too.  After looking at the CRP land, Dad, Andrew and I went and picked up a parts car at the Mochs' (where I work), as Paula and Andrew traded--computer services for the car.  I was glad 2 of our guys finally got to meet Zach anyway.   Next:  get everyone to meet Paula......  :)

I was so happy to pick 3 bell peppers in the garden this morning!  What a lovely time of year this is.

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Yes, it is so wonderful when our labors are rewarded and you know how I looooove green peppers.
Thanks for all of your hard work in the garden.