Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, oh how busy you are!

I spent the morning and half of the afternoon caring for energetic Johanna and ever-changing Tracy Jo.   :)  We went for a medium-sized walk this morning before it got too hot to be outside.   When I was done there, I drove the 11 miles home and helped my mom clean the house and make enough food for 2 days.   It was my turn to do the chores too, so I fed, watered and milked the goats; watered and fed the turkeys and 2 calves; gathered the egg; and fed the younger turkeys (they have a large waterer in their pen, so we don't need to fill that at every chores.)  Oh yes, and I fed the dogs and cats some dog food.  Andrew has now cut back to milking his cow, Sally, once a day.  He wants to dry her up completely so she can have a little break before her new baby arrives. 

My dad hauled up another semi-load of scrap-metal (this time it was big items, like whole combine headers that are really old and of no use.)   Andrew (and Jacob is assisting him) has now decided to get into fixing air-conditioning problems in vehicles too, so, as his parts came in the mail today, they worked on one of Andrew's project cars...   My mom had a client out at the farm today, but hasn't been feeling the best lately (nothing catchy), so took it easy after that until I got home to help.

As I said, it was a busy day.  It's so nice to relax and rest in the cool evening breeze.

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Dawn Bornemann said...

I know that feeling--collecting the egg. I did see the one chick that hatched this morning. I wonder if any of those eggs in the corner are good. I suppose that we'll have to find out some day.
Happy Sabbath, my dear!