Monday, July 16, 2012

Squeaky clean!

My brothers and I spent the afternoon in the shop (where it was a little cooler, with a fan blowing and the door closed), vacuuming out my car; washing vehicle windows and getting sticky glue off (from signs/stickers that previous owners had on); Andrew peeled the tinting off one of his pickups' windows, as it was too dark and then we had to get that goo off; and the boys fixed my car window so that it goes up and down now.   Then, when it cooled off a little, we worked on screwing down the deck boards.  We worked on that until supper, then ate and did chores and worked on it again until it was almost dark.  Oh, and this morning, I tilled in the garden again and then did some hoeing and also piled dirt up around the onions, as they were sticking out.  Mom kept busy with 3 clients' sessions and cooking.  Dad was over cutting prairie hay in Ferns' pasture, as the oats he'd cut down for hay around the farm here was not dry enough to bale yet.  It was a productive day. 

Also, some of you have asked about my Aunt and I realized that I hadn't shared here recently about how she's doing.  A couple of days ago, she came out of the coma she was in for nearly a week after the surgery.  Yesterday, they moved her out of the ICU and just into a regular hospital room/bed, so she's improving.  Thank you SO much for your prayers!!!   Uncle Russell is so happy and we're all praising the Lord for His healing power!  Aunt LV still has a long ways to go in her recovery and will have to take it easy for a long time yet.   (One of her nephews and his wife are planning to help take care of her for a while, until she can do things for herself again.)   The Drs. told Aunt LV that she needs to stop smoking (which she did a lot of) and also, she needs to quit dying her hair, as when she would dye her hair, the chemicals (or whatever is in that stuff?) made her blood pressure go sky-rocket high, which is very hard on a heart!  Continued prayer would be appreciated, for continued healing and also for the saving of 2 hearts---my Uncle and Aunt's hearts, that they would both know true peace through the Lord, Jesus (Yeshua--His Hebrew name).

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Thanks for the nice update on LV! I agree that the main thing is that they learn to appreciate the Lord who gave them life. Life is so very precious!
PS. I'm missing you today!