Friday, July 20, 2012

Finishing things up...

Friday is such a great day at our place to do the jobs we've been procrastinating, or for finishing up fields and the like.  

For instance:   My dad finished baling the pasture over by Hazelton.  Mom drove the mower home.  Andrew finished baling up the oats field and the boys (and I hauled 2 loads while Andrew milked his cow) hauled in and stacked all the bales.  My dad got home mid-afternoon and then hooked up to the mower and cut down a ton of weeds around the farm/pasture.  Andrew got the powerful, push weed-wacker machine working again and knocked down some more weeds.   Mom and I cleaned the house; worked on laundry; and made a double batch of chicken enchiladas and then I made an angel-food cake from scratch (I'm still trying to perfect that!), whipped some cream and sliced several strawberries.  Yummy!  It was a very busy day.

I didn't post much about the last 2 days, but basically what happened was haying related and the only things out of the ordinary were when both my dad and Andrew saw a coyote (in different fields) while cutting/baling.   Jacob took Andrew's rifle out to the field, but by the time Andrew got back to the where the coyote had been, he had moved into the neighbors' field.   OH, also, while my dad was mowing in the pasture a few days ago, the mower must have struck a rock and sent out a spark because Dad looked back and saw smoke.  Praise be to God that he saw it when he did and was able to stomp out the flames!   It is so very dry now...    OH yes, and also, Jacob found a GINORMOUS toad, which he showed to me (while I was picking peas) and then released in the garden.  And I gave Andrew a much-needed haircut.  ;)  Things like that.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  God bless~

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Dawn Bornemann said...

I love your writing, dearest Cora!