Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh where, oh where should our rifle range be?

This was one of the topics of discussion today...  The guys think they've found a suitable location and are dreaming big about what it will one day be like.  (They're even talking about building an outhouse out there!)

We've been thinking for a while about hosting another Project Appleseed shooting event at our farm and are trying to decide on dates.  Does anyone reading this have any desire to attend and is there a certain weekend that would/wouldn't work for you?  We're wanting to hold it in the next month or two (to give you some idea).   You can go to the Appleseed website to learn more about what I'm talking about.  :)

My family and I got many things done today, even with the very hot weather.   Dad and the boys worked on loading up a load of scrap-iron to haul to Bismarck to sell.   Mom and I mowed the lawn and washed the deck (and swings) off with a special wash that prepares the wood for the one more coat of stain we're going to put on....  Mom shredded some zucchinis and put them in the freezer while I made a double batch of zucchini fritters for supper.  :)   Mom got her next batch of water keifer going again (lemon and lime flavored).  I cleaned out and reorganized one of the messy kitchen cupboards.  Mom set up the sprinkler between two of the apple trees, as they've been dropping their apples and Dad thinks it may be from not enough water.   My dad mowed down a ton more weeds in the pasture around the farm here and then did some in the yard too.   The boys worked on taking Jacob's dirtbike apart to fix it.  Jacob skinned his knuckles.  I almost got some deep slivers under two of my fingernails but was able to pull them out.  Mom hurt her wrist/arm again from something or other.  AND, my dad felt dizzy a couple times in the heat (unusual for him), but other than that, it was a great day.  Andrew thinks so especially?


Paula said...

YOu've got my curiosity peaked..why does Andrew think it was especially great? Was it because he was one of the only ones who did suffer from some ailment/injury?
I would be interested in an appleseed event in August or late September.

Cora Beth said...

Yes, that is the reason why. :) Thankfully, we did much better today at staying unharmed!

HOORAY! I'm so excited that you'd like to come to our Appleseed event! Would your husband like to shoot also? We're actually pondering hosting 2 events, just in case some people that have shown an interest are not able to make it to one for some reason or other. We know it won't be the last weekend in August, as there's a big family camp going on then, and we don't want to do it the weekend of the 11th of August, as there's a concealed weapons class going on then, so maybe inbetween there? Right now, we're working on getting the range set up. We hosted an appleseed a few (3?)years back and did it in October, which happened to be cold and wet, so it was miserable, but we had a good turnout inspite of the weather and everyone learned a lot. That's when Andrew got his rigleman badge. :) He's now an instructor-in-training and may be taking over the spot of state coordiantor for these events soon, as his friend who's doing it now plans to go to seminary..... Anyway, it would be great to have you!!!

Cora Beth said...

Oops... Andrew got his "Rifleman" badge, not rigleman, and he may be the state coordinator. My fingers aren't cooperating with my head tonight!

Paula said...

I dont know if my husband would be able to get away from all the work/harvest (wheat should be starting in a week or so)..but I would love to bring my nephew (he is 11) if one of the events is before he leaves towards the end of august. How exciting!
PS my fingers rarely cooperate with any other part of my body.