Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally unpacked...

Yes, it's embarrassing and ridiculous to relate, but we truly did still have 2 or 3 boxes in the laundry room that had not been unpacked since we moved here 9 years ago!  We found one of Andrew's old shoes in there, from when his foot was about half the size that it is now!  We are done sorting through that now though.  Mom and I took almost the whole laundry room apart and cleaned, and cleaned, and threw garbage on the burn pile, and filled a box to donate to the 2nd hand store and, well, now it looks a lot better.  :) 

Our fellas had decided to start on the big project of cutting the walls of the barn we'd brought over here (9 years ago also) into smaller pieces and burning them in a dirt area, after it sprinkled this morning.  It's really still back where they're burning, because of the shelter belt on 3 sides and the shop blocking the wind from the other side.  It will be so nice to get this place cleaned up some more... 

Mom and I also worked on painting, inbetween sprinkles, that is.  It was just beautiful out this morning ("Thank you, Lord, for a break from the heat!), so Mom re-stained the deck while I painted the swings their beautiful, bright colors and also started repainting the teeter-totter and merry-go-round.  Oh, and a birdhouse.  I still have more to do, but hopefully it will be nice out again tomorrow so I can finish.

Jacob and I also began work on our new rifle-range location (in the corner of our pasture by the farm here).   First, we took all the clips off of (or the staples out of) the posts that need to be moved.  Then, we pulled the wires back out of the way, and then we pulled up the posts, all except for the heavy corner-posts which we'll need a tractor for.    Andrew dug out the post-hole digger and hauled it up to the shop as he plans to modify it to go on the loader bucket instead of using it on the 3-point, which doesn't work so well.    When he gets that done, then we'll be building 3 new corners out of wooden posts, so as to fence out the rifle range from the pasture.  Basically, we're taking the corner out of the pasture.

Oh yes, and my dad took the load of junk metal up to Bismarck this morning so as to get that out of the way. 

Those were the out-of-the-usual things we did today.  We also cared for the animals; made and ate meals; did the dishes and laundry; watered the greenhouse and garden; answered the phone; washed our hands a ton of times (trying to get the paint off!); went down to Titan for know, the usual things that are just a part of living.

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Kimberly said...

It is a good feeling to accomplish what seems to be little things like cleaning out and reorganizing. I did a bit of it yesterday in my basement where I worked at cleaning and reorganizing my shelves. I wanted to have it done before I started canning tomatoes. I had to go back and admire the job a couple times. I like reading about what you are doing on your farm. I'll bet it looks really nice.