Monday, July 30, 2012

They almost lost the tire...

While loading up even more scrap-metal to haul to Bismarck,  the guys heard a strange squeaking noise coming from the tractor and Andrew stopped it when there was a thud also-----the wheel was all wobbly and almost off.  I'm not sure if they have that fixed yet or not.

Andrew had a pleasant surprise this afternoon and thanked the Lord this evening for honest neighbors.  :)  One of the neighbors he'd cleaned grain for this spring came over to pay his bill, which Andrew truly had forgotten he even owed him!   The money (over $2,000) will come in really handy, as he needs more parts for his big brown pickups' transmission now and was hoping to sell a vehicle soon, but now he can go ahead even without a vehicle sale.  PTL...   I do have to wonder just a little about my brothers' memory :), but am glad he's not greedy anyway.

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