Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I love going to sleep in the Summer
When you know there's no chance that you'll freeze!
You leave all the house windows open,
Then relax and enjoy the cool breeze.
Crickets serenade you to dreamland--
After coyotes keep you awake for a bit.
An owl may be "whooooo--ing", a cow may be mooing,
But it's a Summer night, so I'll thoroughly enjoy it!
It was a busy day for everyone once again.  I took care of Johanna and Tracy Jo again for a good part of the day.  The boys and Mom finished screwing down the deck boards and Mom was going to paint/stain over the screws, but then it started to drizzle, so she couldn't.  The boys then replaced the dryer vent cover and hose and Mom cleaned up under/behind/around the clothes dryer.   My dad was cutting pasture hay again, but had to quit around 7:00PM, when it got too wet, even though he just had 3 rounds left....   
I love having the windows open in the evening.  Just thought I'd say it again.   :)


Rachel said...

Yes, I just love sleeping with the windows open in the summer too! Better yet, outside!:)

Paula M said...

I love sleeping with my window open in the winter (just a little open) and in the spring when it is raining.

The K. Family said...

Nice poem!

Dawn Bornemann said...

I loved your poem, Cora. There is no time like Summer. Of course today was a whole LOT of Summer!!!
I'm going to close because there is a bug on the screen which is irritating me--but then, it's SUMMER!
Love you bunches,