Monday, July 2, 2012

It was a HOT day, weather-wise.

You know the kind.... 

When THIS:

...would feel oh so good!  :)

Unfortunately for them, my dad and Andrew weren't home to enjoy the air-conditioned house.  Fortunately for the rest of us though, my dad got done hauling grain at noon and came home for lunch, at which time he put a new breaker in, as the AC had blown one while Mom and I were out in the garden this morning! 

Then, my dad went out cultivating.  Andrew was also cultivating, but he was doing it for our Organic farming friend, Dave, over by Linton.

Mom, Jacob and I worked inside most of the day, cutting up rags for the shop; I made a carrot cake; and just doing odds and ends.  Jacob and I did go outside for a while to rework-up the front flower bed so we can plant flower plants in there after Mom gets some in Bismarck tomorrow.  We had tried a new product (flower-bed-in-a-roll) but it did not work AT ALL, so now we need to start over, with plants though.

We learned to day that my Aunt LV's open-heart surgery is set for Thursday, so please join us in praying for that to go very well.

We're excited for our 2nd cousin, Hristiyan to be coming tomorrow from WI.  He's never seen a rodeo, so we'll be taking him to the one in Mandan on the 4th.  Fun times!  :)


Rachel said...

That picture is sooo cute!:) It's been really hot here too lately.
o.O. The rodeo sounds like so much fun!!:) I just love rodeos.

Heather said...

That picture is too cute!!:) Love it!
Will be praying for your aunt!