Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good news!

Praise the Lord!  Our prayers are being answered---positively.  My aunt LV woke up this morning from the coma she's been in for nearly a week!!!  My uncle Russell is so happy, as are the rest of us.  She still will have a very long recovery and battles to fight, but this is such a good sign.  Please join me in keeping her in your prayers as she comes to mind.  Thanks.

It was a good day.  :)  I went over and watched/cared for "My" 2 growing girls again.  Dad hauled grain and then he and the boys moved the cows and sorted off 2 big steers, loaded them up, and Dad hauled them to Linton this evening to the butcher shop.  The boys got home from the pasture just as I was finishing chores.  I would have been done sooner had I looked for Sally in the pole-barn instead of driving all the way out to the back of the pasture to find her, where she wasn't....  Mom spent a good part of the day in Bismarck.  I was so happy to get the title for my vehicle in the mail---FINALLY!  Now that I also have liability insurance on  my car; new plates and stickers; and new front tires, I should be set to go, for a while (and yes, the money I made working these last 5 days is already spent just on those first 2 items I mentioned)....      As one of the songs Johanna was listening to today goes, "A penny for a spool of thread, a nickle for a needle.  That's the way the money goes.....Pop goes the weasel."  :) 

I saw 3 does this morning on the way over to work, all of them in separate places, and 2 of which had 2 fawns each.  The babies were so cute with all their speckles!  Just curious, have you ever seen a baby animal that you didn't think was cute?  If so, what kind was it??? 


Anonymous said...

Snakes! Snakes are never cute.

Anonymous said...

I don't think mice are cute even when as babies! Miriam K.

The K. Family said...

I would very much have to agree with both the snakes and mice!! I hate to see them when their grown as well! I worked at a mink ranch for many years before I got married and baby mink are pretty ugly until they get a little bigger and get some fur.

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Praise the Lord Jesus for the good news on your aunt. Will continue praying.
Agreed... snakes. :)
I can't think of much else. Maybe birds, when they first hatch... but they can be cute.