Saturday, August 18, 2012

A gun shoot...and a photo shoot.

My brothers and I spent a couple hours at target practice this afternoon.  Our friends were not able to make it today, but we plan to get together tomorrow evening. 

My parents went to a funeral in Kintyre this afternoon for the mother/grandmother/great grandmother of some of our neighbors.

I asked Andrew to use his fancy camera to take some new pictures of me so I can have a nice one for my profile here. So, that was fun! See a few of my favorites below... :)

Amongst my flowers in the greenhouse...

The GIANT tomato plants that I started from seed in the greenhouse!
 Andrew received a phone call, so I was waiting for him to get done.  He snapped this one of Lady and I while we were waiting...

 And, last but not least, I was "Hiding" in our blue corn.  :)


Rachel said...

Hello there my lovely friend! :D Oh, these pictures make me miss you... {Hugs} You look so beautiful and sweet and darling amongst your pretty flowers and plants! :D I LOVE the picture of you and Lady...makes me want to just come and sit beside you in the sunshine. *happy sigh*

All my love!

Kimberly said...

You are beautiful, Cora.