Friday, August 17, 2012

On a clean house, freshly mown lawn, and peach jam:

Yes, the house is clean; Mom and Andrew (and Dad a little bit) mowed all of the lawn; and I made peach jam.  Mom and I also canned the rest of the peaches that she'd bought yesterday, all except for a few that we left out for peach-crisp.  My dad and the boys also loaded up yet another white-truck load of scrap metal and Dad hauled that up (this time it was stuff off of the rock piles that was here when we got here!).  Later this afternoon, Dad and Jacob finished haying the CRP and then brought the equipment home.  Mom and I picked up all of the tons of apples that were on the ground and Andrew hauled them inside for us to work on as we have time.  A couple hours later, I went outside and found another bucketful that had fallen since we picked them all up!  It's hard to keep up! 

I also had time to do a thorough cleaning of my fish aquarium and now my fish are happier.  :)  Mom and I cleaned the house too, and baked a chicken with apple-cardamom stuffing (my grandma B's recipe).   And, the table has fresh flowers on it.  I'd say it was a good day!

We are looking forward to having company over tomorrow evening.  The M.s (and maybe the L.s)  are wishing to get some target practice in before next weekends Appleseed event, and we'll be joining them!   Any of our neighbors who might happen to be reading this are welcome to come join us too.  We'll be South of the farmyard, by the hay-yard. 

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