Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Of friends, jelly, pectin and peppers...

Two of my former coworkers/friends, April and Clarissa came out for a visit this afternoon and stayed for about 4 hours.  It was fun to get caught up (and I think they really enjoyed the cookies I'd just baked!)
 It was also REALLY fun to meet Clarissa's little baby boy (almost a month old now), Draven Anthony---to hold him and feed him.  :)

 And.....to feed him again....
 He was born early and is SO tiny (almost 7 lbs now)!!!  This picture was very candid---nobody looking at the camera/phone even!

 Now, onto the jelly...   Here's a picture of the chokecherry jelly I made last week (made with homemade apple-pectin).  I was so pleased with how well it set up!
 Here's a picture of the pectin (and one of my Dahlias from the greenhouse):
 Last, but not least, here's a picture of the yummy peppers that I picked the other day.  God has blessed our garden abundantly this year. 
My dad and Andrew started haying some CRP ground today.  Jacob cut down more hay on the fields "Up North".  My mom was in Bismarck all day.  A friend of ours, Donna K. stopped in this morning and dropped off our Azure order, as Mom told her she could have some of our water kefir grains and water.  It was nice to visit with her for a while also...    I also made bread this morning; cut up more apples for applesauce; and made apple jelly.  It was a busy day!

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