Friday, August 31, 2012

"Cross-stitched" kitty cake...

I decorated a cake today for one of Paula's friends' birthday.  She enjoys cross-stitching, so I made the kitty out of a bunch of "x"s. 
 A closer view:
 I also made roses, just because I like making them.  :)
It was a busy day on the farm for the other members of this family.  My dad finished his cleaning job up in Harvey, then came home and went to town to buy fuel and to put money in the bank.  Then he got the drill ready to plant cover-crop seed.  My mom worked up a lot of ground for the cover-crop seed to be planted in.  The boys hauled more hay/straw home.   I dug some fresh potatoes again for our supper and worked on writing notes to friends to enclose in the Appleseed brochures we're sending out to people we think may be interested in coming to our next shoot in October (the 6th and 7th.)  I signed up already...  ;)