Sunday, August 5, 2012

Babies grow up so quickly!

It's been so fun watching the little girls ( the ones I babysit for) grow and change in the last few months.  Now, baby Tracy Jo is starting to wave Bye-Bye and does a scooty sort of crawl, and, while I was holding her today and chewing my lunch, she was watching me closely and then started moving her little gums up and down to imitate what I was doing.   It was so cute!  Johanna says more and more words each time I'm there and that is exciting too.  (She calls me "Tora" now.)  Yet, in a way, I wish they'd stay little for a bit longer.   :)

The guys worked on hay today and worked on swathing down the wheat.  Mom worked around the house.  I helped her with some dishes and laundry when I got home...

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