Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pails of pickles...

I watched "My" little girls today, for a part of the morning and half the afternoon.  They are such a delight!

When I got home, Mom and I made about 3 gallons of Pickle-Pail pickles.  My grandma Erdie used to make these a lot and we really enjoy them!  These pickles do not get canned though, so do take some refrigerator space.  They're worth it though.  :)

While out picking cucumbers, I also picked 3 more bell peppers that were ready and a few ripe tomatoes.   It is so wonderful to have a garden to just go out to and pick whatever you need to cook with.

Dad and Andrew went to Bismarck today.  Andrew bought another project car and hauled it home. They also looked at a trailer house that was a giveaway on BisManOnline, as it had been through a fire, but they figured it would take more money to move it and redo the entire inside (and shingles) than it was worth.  

Life is never dull!

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